Sunday, May 17, 2020

Drake Fans Accuse Kenny Chesney Of Manipulating Billboard Charts By Putting Effort Into Album

TORONTO—Calling the country singer’s place at the top of Top 200 completely illegitimate, fans of the rapper–singer Drake took to social media Friday to accuse Kenny Chesney of manipulating Billboard’s algorithm by putting effort into his album. “It’s just unfair that this guy could keep Drake from his rightful place on the charts by putting out quality music that he actually cares about,” said Aiden Howard, 14, who echoed the sentiments of Drake fans worldwide in his assertion that the artist’s mediocre B-sides deserved more acclaim and recognition. “He clearly gamed the streaming numbers when he decided to put time and energy into his craft. It’s such horseshit that Billboard rewards that behavior and punishes Drizzy for making a half-assed mixtape full of songs he’d already dropped on SoundCloud. How the hell is ‘Toosie Slide’ going to compare to a song that the artist thought about for more than 15 minutes?” At press time, Drake released a statement asking fans to ignore Kenny Chesney and focus on the horseshit that he just released.

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