Monday, July 8, 2019

Random Thoughts Jack Blanchard's Column July 8, 2019


Misty and I were walking down a street near Music Row.
Rush hour traffic was heavy.
A big black Cadillac came to an abrupt stop,
and the line of cars squealed to a stop behind it.
It was our buddy Archie Campbell giving us his big smile.
He'd stopped to say "Hi".
His smile could brighten your whole day.

A song is life distilled, and then whittled down until it's small enough to get in your ear.

Thinking about the good old days when the dollar was worth 29 cents.

I wrote Tennessee Birdwalk in about 20 minutes.
We recorded it in Nashville at 12:51 AM on a Saturday morning (Friday night).
The musicians were tired. It was their last session of a long week.
At ten to one, they started packing up their instruments.
Misty said: "Hey! Hold on! We have another song to do!"
They grumbled at first, but then began to like it.
It was recorded in one take, with no overdubs.
Three minutes to run through it, and three minutes to record it.

Total: 6 minutes

WOW! Nothing hurts like your tongue when you accidentally staple it to the wall!

Misty said, "Leave the door open.
The flies haven't been out all day."

WARNING: DO NOT take these pills:

If you are allergic to squirrels, Formica, or dental floss, you may become comatose.

COMMON SIDE-EFFECTS: conniption fits, walking funny, frequent urination and lisping,
cradle cap, vampire breath, and speaking like Porky Pig.
GOING HOME is a theme that runs through a lot of our songs,

probably because Misty and I both left our home town, Buffalo, as teens
and went out on our own.
We didn't know each other in Buffalo,
and didn't meet until we were playing lounge piano about a block from each other
in Hollywood, Florida.

Thanks for the the positive responses to my humor.
I'm touched.
I always have been.

Today the planes are like Greyhound buses with wings.
Passengers are stacked on each other's laps,
and beaten and abused by the sadistic airline staff.
Free range chickens wander the aisles,
and babies are provided to throw up on you.

At the airports they search elderly ladies and boy scouts,
while the terrorists waltz through laughing and waving their bombs.
In the year 4 BC, they said, "I can't believe how the years are subtracting!"

I've been sleeping in a Lazy-Boy chair in the dark.
I hope I don't scare an innocent burglar to death.

North Korea may be using the sea to hide their submarines!

Misty said, "You're growing old with grace,
and Grace is getting sick of it."

I'm going to fold my tent and silently steal away.
But first I have to steal a tent.

I'm heading for the roundhouse.
They can't corner me there.

Jack Blanchard

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 Jack Blanchard, 2019

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