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Excitement At Our House Today Jack Blanchard's Column March 25, 2019

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Misty shouted, "Jack, come here right now and listen to this!"
It was the sound of water rushing against the back of her bathroom wall.
We thought the hot water heater had burst,
so I ran out to the shed. Nothing. Silence.

Nick, our neighbor came over and thought it was a burst water pipe
behind a wall with no access, meaning the wall would have to be torn out.
I said, "I'll have to get a plumber", and Misty started filling water jugs.
Then I went out and shut the water off.
The wall still kept roaring! That can't be!

I started moving things out of the bathroom closet
to see if there was a trapdoor or something.
The roaring water STOPPED!
It was Misty's electric toothbrush spinning against the hollow board wall!
We all swear it sounded like water shooting out of a broken pipe. After a moment of silent relief we all broke out laughing.
*      *      *

It's Spring and we have wasps here. Some are bigger than I am.
Wasps like nooks and crannies.
They prefer nooks, but will settle for a cranny.

I came outside and was going to get into the car
and noticed two wasps, a large one and another more petite.
The large one, the boy, was looking for nooks on the car door,
trying the cracks around the edges,
and the space at the bottom of the window glass.
He only wanted the very best nook we had to offer.

I took a stick and started blocking him at every turn.
This didn't make him happy. It made him more determined.
Meanwhile, the girl wasp was hovering patiently a few inches away,
while he was checking in.
He ran and dodged like a quarterback making an end run.

Then he flew about a yard away to get some air,
and to tell his sweetheart not to worry.
I quickly got into the car and slammed the door. Ha!
I forgot where I was planning to go.
I slid over, got out the other side, and escaped into the house.

The next day I came out and found them inside the car,
and still on their honeymoon.
I opened the door wide and waved them out like a hotel door man.
They gave me a dirty look and flew out, still hand in hand.
*      *      *
FROM MARCH 20th, 2014...

Today we woke up to the sound of our new next-door neighbor, Nick, cleaning our roof,
a good three hour job. What nice people! Then our friends Bill & Suzie came over
and hung up the vertical blinds on our double glass door and window. While they
were here a family of friends from our old neighborhood dropped in. They have
moved to this same town. Old home week. Misty and Suzie went and got some
Bo Jangles' Chicken dinners. We couldn't ask for a better day, or better friends.


Jack Blanchard

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