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Today in Music History...October 8, 2018 (Now with more info)

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Music History: October 8th:

2016 Robert Plant and St. Vincent play the Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles, an event staged by the director David Lynch that includes film screenings and meditation.

2013 Novelty song singer Larry Verne dies of heart failure in Sylmar, California, at age 77.

2012 Green Day is forced to cancel their appearance at the New Orleans' Voodoo Music Festival, citing Billie Joe Armstrong's problems with substance abuse and rehab. Armstrong had previously had an onstage outburst mid-show in Las Vegas in September of 2012, which began the band's decision to get treatment for Billie.

2011 Pianist Roger Williams dies of pancreatic cancer in Encino, California, at age 87. Known for his 1955 chart-topping instrumental version of "Autumn Leaves."

2011 Mikey Welsh (bassist for Weezer) dies of an overdose-induced heart attack at a hotel in Chicago, Illinois, at age 40.

2008 Foo Fighters make a villain out of John McCain after the GOP candidate uses "My Hero" without permission.

2002 Jennifer Love Hewitt releases her fourth studio album, BareNaked.

1998 Bruce Springsteen gives evidence in London's High Court in his case against Masquerade Music over that company's attempt to release some of his early '70s recordings in the UK. The artist says that he was living hand-to-mouth at the time the songs in question were written, relying on handouts from Mike Appel, his co-manager at the time.

1997 Jonas "Jo" Bruce (keyboardist Afro Celt Sound System) dies suddenly of an asthma attack at age 27. He was the son of Cream bass player Jack Bruce.

1996 Jimmy Chamberlin, charged with drum possession, pleads guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. The Smashing Pumpkins drummer was shooting heroin with touring keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin in July when Melvoin overdosed and died. Chamberlin was fired from the band, but returns in 1999.

1996 Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne play a benefit show for environmental groups at the Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, Oregon. They are greeted by the roar of chainsaws wielded by loggers upset at their efforts to stifle their livelihood.

1991 The U2 song "Exit" is played at the trial of Robert Bardo, who claims the song compelled him to kill the actress Rebecca Schaeffer.
1990 Barrie "B.J." Wilson (drummer for Procol Harum) dies after a long illness in Eugene, Oregon, at age 43.

1990 The Go-Go's pose for the first "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" poster for PETA.

1989 After Rolling Stones' Ron Wood suggests that The Who were re-forming for the money alone, Who guitarist Pete Townshend publicly answers: "Mick needs a lot more than I do. His last album was a flop," referring to The Rolling Stones' ill-received Dirty Work.

1988 Keith Richards plays his first solo single, "Take It So Hard," on Saturday Night Live.

1987 Chuck Berry is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1777 N. Vine.

1987 The acclaimed Chuck Berry documentary Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll premieres in US theaters.

1987 Promoting their space-themed Afterburner record, ZZ Top book passage on what is announced as the first passenger flight to the moon.

1980 Prince releases his third album, Dirty Mind. The title hints at the lascivious songs within, including "Head" and "Sister." The biggest hit from the set is the modest "Uptown," which goes to #5 on the R&B chart.

1968 Mama Cass Elliot of The Mamas & the Papas, makes her solo debut at the Circus Maximus theater at Caesars' Palace in Las Vegas, where she is scheduled for two shows a night for three weeks at a rate of $40,000 per week. She gets sick before the first show but does both anyway, straining to get through them. The rest of the run is cancelled, and Elliot undergoes throat surgery.

1968 The Beatles record "Long, Long, Long," "I'm So Tired," and "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill."

1966 Cream drummer Ginger Baker collapses while on stage at a Sussex University gig in England, just after completing his epic 20-minute solo on "Toad."

1965 C.J. Ramone (bassist and occasional vocalist for The Ramones) is born Christopher Joseph Ward in Queens, New York City.

1964 The Beatles record "She's a Woman."

1963 Steve Perry (lead singer/rhythm guitarist for Cherry Poppin' Daddies) is born in Syracuse, New York.

1962 Little Richard, who gave up show business to preach in 1957, returns to rock with a UK tour that also includes Sam Cookeand Billy Preston.

1962 The South African musician Solomon Linda, who wrote and recorded the original version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," dies at age 53.

1957 Jerry Lee Lewis records "Great Balls Of Fire."

1955 The Four Aces' "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" hits #1.

1950 Cliff Adams (trombonist for Kool And The Gang) is born in Trenton, New Jersey.

1949 Hamish Stuart (of The Average White Band) is born James Hamish Stuart in Glasgow, Scotland.

1948 John Cummings is born in Long Island, New York. A founding member of the Ramones, he becomes "Johnny Ramone."

1947 Tony Wilson (bassist for Hot Chocolate) is born in Trinidad.

1945 Guitarist Ray Royer (of Procol Harum) is born in the UK.

1945 Butch Rillera - who replaced Redbone's original drummer, Peter DePoe - is born.

1944 Country singer Susan Raye is born in Eugene, Oregon. Known for the 1971 hit "L.A. International Airport."

1941 George Bellamy (rhythm guitarist for The Tornados) is born in Sunderland, England.

1941 Progressive rocker Dave Arbus (of East Of Eden) is born in Leicester, England.

1941 Pop singer/songwriter Buzz Clifford is born Reese Francis Clifford III in Berwyn, Illinois. Known for the 1961 crossover hit "Baby Sittin' Boogie."

1940 Soul singer Fred Cash (of The Impressions) is born in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1935 Bandleader Ozzie Nelson marries his lead vocalist, Harriet Hilliard.

1934 Baritone singer Doc Green (of The Drifters) is born in Harlem, New York.

Eddie Vedder Joins Pearl Jam, Sings On "Hunger Strike"
Eddie Vedder flies from his home in San Diego to Seattle, where he meets his Pearl Jam bandmates for the first time and starts a week of recording that becomes the bulk of their debut album, Ten. Vedder was chosen based on vocals he added to a three-song instrumental demo the band made.

Featured Events

2004 Ray Charles, who died in June, scores his first Platinum album when Genius Loves Company, released in September, sells over a million copies.

1988 Def Leppard's ballad "Love Bites" hits #1 on the Hot 100.

1985 Little Richard crashes a rented Nissan 300SX into a telephone pole in West Hollywood. The accident nearly kills him, and his right leg is so badly broken it requires two operations to repair. He credits God with saving his life and continues to preach.

1983 Francis Ford Coppola's Rumble Fish is released. Tom Waits appears in the film as the bubblegum-chomping owner of Benny's Billiards. His character exists on the periphery of the main plot line, but he is given an extended, poetic monologue about life, time, and aging.

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