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Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...May 12, 2018 (Camille Trust Gets Raw With New Single 'Move On')

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Camille Trust Gets Heartbreakingly Raw With New Single 'Move On'

Camille Trust

There's something about Camille Trust's unyielding voice that makes you ache with her, but in the most beautifully captivating way possible. That's absolutely the case with her new single "Move On," which is premiering exclusively through Billboard today (May 10), along with a stirring video directed by Tanima Mehrotra.

Even for listeners who have never felt the lingering hopelessness that follows a monumental breakup, Trust evokes all possible empathy in a successful attempt to convey her emotions.

"The song was written right after ending a romantic relationship with a very important person in my life," the singer/songwriter tells Billboard. "I was at an all-time low and the level of pain was unfamiliar to me...when this song was created, I tapped into a new wave inside of me. It was as if I could finally express the inner thoughts spinning around relentlessly in my mind."

Those inner thoughts permeate the no-frills video. Trust serenades in lamentation while standing in front of an undeniably simple background. The main visual interest comes by way of a male dancer performing an equally expressive and vulnerable contemporary routine around her.

"At face value, he represents the partner I'm speaking directly to in the song," Trust explains. "The dancer also personifies all the thoughts dancing around in my head. Balancing the matters of the head and the heart feel like a nonstop commotion sometimes. The reality is, in the aftermath of a relationship there's pain on both sides, and each person moves through that pain in his or her own way to move on, feel better and absolve the heartache. It's not easy."

Musically, Trust's powerful energy radiates through the poignant lyrics ("People ask how I'm holding up/I'm fucking fantastic," she bluffs) that soar over not much more than a simple guitar riff and basic drum beat. In this case, instruments aren't so necessary to build a sonic work of art. Trust's bold voice is more than enough to allow listeners to resonate and relate to her heartache, and it hurts so good.

"I want listeners and people watching the video to connect with me -- a person coming from a deeply emotive place -- and inspire them to be vulnerable and honest in their own lives," Trust says.

"Move On" comes from Trust's forthcoming EP, No Other Way, set for release May 25. Watch the stunning video below.

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