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Jack Blanchard's Column... OUR BIG NIGHT OUT. (From 2005)

(From 2005)

Last night we went to a little beer and wine joint
to see and hear a 15 piece modern jazz band.
The decor was Early Dumpster,
and we were the oldest people for miles.
A girl put white bracelets on our wrists at the door,
in case we escaped.

A lot of the young guys wore long baggy tee shirts
and ankle length shorts, like Charlie Brown.
The girl in front of us had the US map tattooed on her back,
in case she got lost.

They were a small but friendly group.
Empty heads waiting for information.
You could look into their eyes and see that nobody was driving.
There were no seats, so we stood on the cement floor
We bought a couple of beers
and put cotton in our ears for safekeeping.

The echo in the room rolled all the sound into one big lump,
so I can't judge the music with any fairness.
Much of it sounded to me like the mental hospital orchestra
rehearsing "Flight of the Bumblebee".
I know the band is excellent, which only makes me feel dumber.
They rehearse at this little bar where they charge fans to get in.

During intermission,
a guy armed with an electric guitar was allowed to play for free.
They should have made him an offer to leave.
He assaulted the strings for an hour on the same three notes,
without letting go of a single musical idea.
The best part was when he got his thumb caught in the strings.
He eventually stopped, shook the saliva from his guitar, and left.
The patrons drifted back into the room for the next band set.

All in all, we did enjoy the experience.
Sometimes I just complain to be funny.
This morning is like Old Home Week.
I'm old, I'm home, and I feel weak.

Jack Blanchard

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