Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jack Blanchard's Column March 21, 2018


Very few people are as good or as bad as the first impression.
We can protect ourselves by being suspicious of new people,
but our suspicion can bring out a dark side.
Sometimes they will play whatever roll you write for them.

On the other hand,
a bad guy can be a saint with us if we don't expect evil of him.
He unconsciously tries to be whatever is expected of him.
I know this from experience.

There was Joe M., a notorious gangster in Miami
who treated me like a son.
He was an elderly man
who bore a strange resemblance to Edward G. Robinson.
I played piano and managed two nightclubs for him.
He was always more than fair with me.
He even protected me from other mobsters.

I think the secret was this: I'd never heard of him.
He just seemed to me like a nice old man,
and he lived up to that image.

When I heard about his bloody and violent career,
I couldn't just turn off the friendship.
It was like the news stories were about somebody else.
I heard all the stories,
but he and I never discussed that side of his life.
I kept up the pretense that I didn't know.
We trusted each other.

Joe had a trick he liked to do for friends.
He could take my shirt off with out removing my suitcoat.
I still don't know how he did it.

He was old then and is surely dead by now,
and he will always be a villain in the public memory,
but if they ever ask me, I'll give him a good reference.
He was nice to me.

Jack Blanchard


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