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Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...February 12, 2018 (Halestorm - New Album)

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Halestorm Tease 'Very Rock' New Album, Celebrate Philly's Super Bowl Victory


Halestorm may be "almost done" with its new album, but there's still room for some late arrivals.
"We've kind of built this bed of a record and now we have about two or three weeks left of recording just to put cherries on top -- and see what the 11th hour songs have to say," Lzzy Hale tells Billboard. Noting that favorites such as "Love Bites" and "Dear Daughter" were also late arrivals, Hale adds, "That's the big thing in the world of Halestorm. We’ll be writing, writing, writing and we think we've got the record figured out and all of a sudden at the 11th hour there's, like, one or two songs that come out because you're relieved that you have the record, and those are the songs that are, 'OK, we have to put them on the record somehow.' So we're kind of in that mode right now."
Halestorm, which is currently on the road with Stone Sour -- and has been opening shows with the new track "Black Vultures" -- has been recording in Nashville with producer Nick Raskulinecz. Hale describes the as-yet-untitled set as "very rock. It's definitely a step forward for us. I think you're really going to see something that comes from all four corners of Halestorm, what each of us brings to the table and just how important all four pillars are in this band. We're really pumped about having something new, and I just hope everyone likes it -- and, regardless, we're stoked on it." Hale predicts a first track will be released during April, with the album -- Halestorm's follow-up to 2015's Into The Wild Life -- following shortly thereafter.
Hale also says the new material finds her "talking about some different subjects. Obviously we're in a different climate in the world today." But, she adds, they're not overtly topical or political, either, though things like the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are certainly on her radar.
"I’m not a big political writer," Hale explains. "I write from what I feel and what I stand for personally. I'm not out here to reinvent the wheel or change the world. My responsibility is not necessarily to get on a soapbox and be like, 'OK, this is how things should be.' That's not my world. But I am peeling back a couple of layers of myself and addressing some things, whether that be something fun with fans on social media or some of these deeper letters I get from fans. All of that ends up seeping its way into my songs."
Halestorm has been having a great time being back on the road to start the year, and things got even better over the weekend when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. "I'm a Philly girl, so of course you root for the Eagles," says Hale, who hails from Red Lion in south-central Pennsylvania. "My bass player Josh (Smith) is hardcore, and in his family it's like religion so he's stoked. He was representing with socks and shirts and he had the full gamut going. And our lighting guy is a Patriots fan, so they made a bet for 20 bucks and a slap on the face, so it was quite an eventful Super Bowl for us."

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