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Today in Music History...January 5, 2018 (Now with more info)

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Music History: January 5th:


2015 Good Charlotte's Benji Madden marries actress Cameron Diaz. Nicole Richie and Drew Barrymore are among the bridesmaids.

2010 Record producer Willie Mitchell, who ran Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, dies of a cardiac arrest at age 81.

2009 Sam "The Bluzman" Taylor dies of complications from heart disease in Islandia, New York, at age 74.

2005 Danny Sugerman, second manager for The Doors who wrote a number of books about the band, dies of lung cancer at age 50.

2005 Amerie releases "1 Thing."

2004 Ray Davies of The Kinks is shot in the leg when he pursues two men who snatched his girlfriend's purse.

2003 Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is arrested for drunk driving in Berkeley, California, after he is caught speeding in his BMW convertible and blows a .18.

2003 Little Richard guest stars on the "Special Edna" episode of The Simpsons.

1998 Ken Forssi (original bassist for Love) dies of a brain tumor in Tallahassee, Florida, at age 54.

1991 Madonna's "Justify My Love," a new song included on her compilation album The Immaculate Collection, goes to #1 in America, her ninth topper on the tally. The song, co-written by Lenny Kravitz, gets a lot of attention thanks to its video, which was banned by MTV and subsequently released on home video.

1981 DJ/producer Deadmau5 is born in Niagara Falls, Canada. His birth name is Joel Zimmerman; he takes the name Deadmau5 (pronounced "Deadmouse") as his chatroom handle after claiming to find a dead mouse in his computer.

1980 "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang becomes first rap song to hit the Top 40 when it reaches #37 on the chart.

1979 Jazz double bassist Charlie Mingus dies of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, in Cuernavaca, Mexico, at age 56.

1974 The Carpenters' compilation album The Singles 1969-1973 hits #1.

1974 Bruce Springsteen performs "Rosalita" for the first time at a concert at Joe's Place in Boston. The song becomes a live favorite that Bruce often plays as an encore.

1972 John Denver's Aerie album is certified Gold.

1968 Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits album is certified gold.

1967 In order to avoid the draft, folk singer Jesse Winchester moves to Canada.

1966 Kate Schellenbach (drummer for Luscious Jackson) is born in New York City, New York.

1965 The Supremes record "Stop! In The Name Of Love."

1963 Grant Young (drummer for Soul Asylum) is born in Iowa City, Iowa.

1963 Leonard Chess, co-founder of Chess records, tells Billboard magazine, "As it stands today, there's virtually no difference between rock and roll, pop and rhythm and blues. The music has completely overlapped."

1960 Phil Thornalley, "Torn" songwriter and producer of The Cure's Pornography album, is born in Worlington, near Mildenhall, Suffolk, England.

1950 Chris Stein (guitarist for Blondie) is born in Brooklyn, New York.

1949 George "Funky" Brown (drummer for Kool and the Gang) is born in Jersey City, New Jersey.

1941 Carmen Miranda records "Chica Chica Boom Chic."

1940 The FCC hears the first demonstration of FM radio.

1932 Blues singer Johnny Adams, known for the '60s hits "Release Me" and "Reconsider Me," is born Laten John Adams in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1929 R&B singer Wilbert Harrison - who wrote the 1962 hit "Let's Stick Together," later known as "Let's Work Together" by Canned Heat - is born in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1923 Record producer Sam Phillips, founder of Sun Records (which launched careers for Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash), is born in Florence, Alabama.

1875 Paris' Palais Garnier, one of the most famous opera houses in the world, is inaugurated. Fourteen years previously, Parisian workers attempting to lay the concrete foundations of the opera house uncovered a vast swampy lake. That lake swirling beneath the building and its surrounding cellars inspire Gaston Leroux to write The Phantom of the Opera in 1910.

1649 The opera Giasone by Francesco Cavalli premieres in Venice.

Beyonce Sings "At Last" For Obamas, Angers Etta James

Beyoncé serenades Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, at the Neighborhood Ball as the couple shares their first dance together as president and first lady of the United States. The choice of song, Etta James' signature hit "At Last," throws the blues singer into a fit of rage aimed at Beyoncé.

Featured Events

1998 Sonny Bono (of Sonny & Cher) dies in a skiing accident in Nevada, near South Lake Tahoe, California, at age 62. An advanced skier, he goes off course to do some "tree skiing" when he crashes and dies. His wife and two children are with him on the slopes, but don't witness the accident.

1997 Johnny Cash plays Coyote, Homer Simpson's imaginary guru, on The Simpsons. Coyote tells Homer to buy more material possessions.

1979 The double-album soundtrack to the film Saturday Night Fever reaches sales of 25 million worldwide, making it the best-selling LP in history

1976 Former Beatles road manager Mal Evans is shot and killed by police in Los Angeles after he brandishes an unloaded rifle (some claim it was an air gun) after becoming despondent.

1975 The Wiz premieres at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway. An adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with an all-black cast, it stars future disco diva Stephanie Mills ("Never Knew Love") as Dorothy. In 1978, the production is turned into a movie starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

1973 With a boulder on his shoulder, feelin' kinda older, 23-year-old Bruce Springsteen releases his first album, Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J

1969 Marilyn Manson is born Brian Hugh Warner in Canton, Ohio.

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