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Today in Music History...January 10, 2018 (Now with more info)

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Music History: January 10th:


2017 Buddy Greco dies in Las Vegas, Nevada, at age 90. Greco was a jazz singer who recorded several hit songs across all genres, his most popular being a cover of "The Lady is a Tramp." He also palled around with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and was considered one of the Rat Pack's "mascots."

2011 Margaret Whiting, a popular singer who duetted with Johnny Mercer on the seasonal favorite "Baby It's Cold Outside," dies at age 86.

2009 Fergie marries actor Josh Duhamel in Malibu, California. They split up eight years later.

2008 Panic! At The Disco announce they will be dropping their "!" with the release of their next album, Pretty. Odd.

2003 British and Dutch police recover 500 Beatles master tapes missing since they were stolen from Abbey Road studios about 30 years earlier.

1997 James Brown gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1995 Rory Gallagher plays his last concert, in the Netherlands. Five months later he dies of complications from a liver transplant.

1985 Chris Isaak releases his debut album, Silvertone. The LP is named after his three-piece backup band.

1979 Richard Carpenter of the Carpenters enters the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, to treat an addiction to quaaludes. He takes a year off after his treatment.

1979 Chris Smith, the half of Kris Kross known as "Daddy Mac," is born in Atlanta. The duo has a #1 hit in 1992 with "Jump."

1964 Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies is born in Winnipeg, Canada. His super-deep voice powers their big hit, "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm."

1964 The Beatles release their first album in the US: Introducing... The Beatles.

1956 Folk singer Shawn Colvin is born in South Dakota. Her song "Sunny Came Home" (about a woman who burns her house down) wins the Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1998.

1955 Rock guitarist Michael Schenker (of Scorpions and UFO) is born in West Germany.

1953 Perry Como's "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes" hits #1 in the US.

1946 Aynsley Dunbar (drummer for Journey, Whitesnake, and Jefferson Airplane) is born in Liverpool, England.

1944 Frank Sinatra Jr. is born Francis Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra to legendary crooner Frank Sinatra and first wife, Nancy Barbato Sinatra, in Jersey City, New Jersey. The name Emmanuel is an homage to Frank Sr.'s friend Manie Sacks, then head of Columbia Records.

1939 Actor Sal Mineo is born in New York City. His music connection is on the operatic stage, where he played in NBC Opera Theatre's 1954 production of Richard Strauss' Salome and directed Gian Carlo Menotti's The Medium in 1972.

1939 Scott McKenzie ("San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)") is born Philip Wallach Blondheim in Jacksonville, Florida, but is raised in North Carolina.

1935 Ronnie Hawkins, whose group The Hawks is a precursor to The Band, is born in Huntsville, Arkansas.

1927 Johnny Ray is born in Oregon. He becomes one of the most popular performers of the '50s, his career waning with the rise of rock and roll.

1927 Singer/violinist Gisele MacKenzie is born in Winnipeg. She finds popularity as a guest on several TV shows throughout the '50s, including The Jack Benny Program and Your Hit Parade.

1927 Johnnie Ray, a popular singer in the 1950s, is born in Hopewell, Oregon.

1924 Jazz drummer Max Roach is born in North Carolina.

1915 Bandleader Buddy Johnson is born in Darlington, South Carolina.

1910 The French conductor Jean Martinon is born in Lyon, France.

David Bowie Dies

2016David Bowie dies at age 69 after an 18-month battle with liver cancer.

Featured Events

2016 Justin Bieber claims the top three spots on the UK singles chart, making him the first artist to do so. The songs:

#1: "Love Yourself"
#2: "Sorry"
#3: "What Do You Mean?"

2006 The High School Musical soundtrack is released. It sells 6000 copies its first week, but after the movie airs on January 20, it does a lot better, eventually selling over 4 million, making it the #1 album of 2006.

1976 C.W. McCall's "Convoy" hits #1 in the US amid fascination with trucker culture and CB radios.

1969 George Harrison quits The Beatles for a short while, making him the second Beatle to do so (Ringo Starr had left the group for a brief period a year earlier).

1953 Pat Benatar is born Patricia Andrzejewski in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York. She drops her training as a classical singer and eventually becomes a spandexed pop rocker.

1949 The vinyl record format war heats up as RCA introduces the 45-RPM, 7-inch record. It eventually replaces the 78-RPM record for "singles" - one song on each side. The format takes off in the early years of the rock era.

1948 Donald Fagen of Steely Dan is born in Passaic, New Jersey.

1945 Rod Stewart is born in London, England. He joins the Jeff Beck Group from 1967-69 and Faces from 1969-75, but makes his biggest impact as a solo artist.

1943 Jim Croce is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1917 Jerry Wexler is born in New York City. As a producer and executive with Atlantic Records, he plays a key role in the success of Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin and Wilson Pickett.

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