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More Music History for December 27, 2017

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1957 -

December 27
20,000 fans begin lining up at 5:30 in the morning for Alan Freed's Christmas show at Brooklyn's Paramount Theatre, set to kick off at 9:00 AM. The average ticket price was $1.85.

1958 -

December 27
Buddy Holly makes his first appearance in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas since becoming a major star. Along with broadcasting 'live' over KLLL radio from a fruit and vegetable store, he will return to the station's studios to record "You're The One", a song that station management challenged him to write in half an hour.

1960 -

December 27
The Beatles were a last minute addition to a show at the Litherland Town Hall Ballroom in Liverpool. Advertising posters were altered to read "Direct From Hamburg, The Beatles!", causing some to believe they were a German group.

1963 -

December 27
The music critics of the London Times name John Lennon and Paul McCartney as The Outstanding Composers of 1963. Two days later, the Sunday Times' music critic Richard Buckle proclaims the same two songwriters "the greatest composers since Beethoven."

1969 -

December 27
The Supremes final single release with Diana Ross, "Someday We'll Be Together", becomes the last US number one song of the sixties. It made #13 in the UK.

1971 -

December 27
After a trial run as a Summer replacement series, The Sonny And Cher Show begins its four and a half year run on CBS.

December 27
David Clayton-Thomas makes his final appearance with the original Blood, Sweat And Tears at the Anaheim Convention Center. He would return in 1975.

1975 -

December 27
Former Gospel group The Staple Singers score their second Billboard number one hit with "Let's Do It Again". They had earlier topped the chart with "I'll Take You There".

1978 -

December 27
Bob Luman, a Rockabilly artist who reached #7 on the Billboard chart in October, 1960 with "Let's Think About Livin'", died of of pneumonia at the age of 41. Later in his career he became a successful Country singer who scored several hits including "Lonely Women Make Good Lovers".

1980 -

December 27
Three weeks to the day after John Lennon's murder, "(Just Like) Starting Over" is number one in the US and the UK simultaneously. The song had been chosen by Lennon for its October 20 release, not because he felt it was the best track on the album, but because it was the most appropriate following his five-year absence from the recording industry.

1983 -

December 27
Walter Scott, lead singer of Bob Kuban And The In-Men, who scored a 1966 hit with "The Cheater", is seen alive for the last time. On April 10th, 1987, his badly decomposed, bound body would be found floating face down in a cistern, shot in the back. Scott's second wife, Jo Ann (Calceterra), pled guilty to hindering prosecution in his murder. She received a five year sentence. Jo Ann's boyfriend (whom she married in 1986), James H. Williams Sr., was found guilty of two counts of capital murder in the deaths of Walter Scott as well as his previous wife, Sharon Williams. James Williams received two life terms without the possibility of parole.

1986 -

December 27
Jackie Wilson had his biggest hit in Great Britain when the re-release of "Reet Petite" hit number 1, almost three years after he died. The song, which first made the UK Top Ten 29 years earlier, would go on to sell over 700,000 copies.

2003 -

December 27
Dick St. John, one half of the singing team of Dick And Dee Dee, who recorded such hits as "The Mountain's High" (#2 in 1961), "Young And In Love" (#17 in 1963) and "Thou Shalt Not Steal" (#13 in 1965), died from complications suffered in a fall from the roof of his home two weeks earlier. The 63 year old singer had continued to record and performed regularly until his death.

2008 -

December 27
Delaney Bramlett, the guitarist who gained renown in the late 1960s as part of the rhythm and blues combo Delaney And Bonnie and Friends, died following gallbladder surgery. He was 69. Bramlett's backing band would often contain the likes of Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Dave Mason. The ensemble achieved a pair of Billboard Top 40 hits in 1971: "Never Ending Song Of Love" (#13) and "Only You Know And I Know" (#20).

2011 -

December 27
Documents that reveal some of Janet Jackson's tour requirements were leaked on-line. Her performance contract was said to contain a rider that specified any comedian booked for her shows is forbidden from poking fun at her or her famous relatives.

2012 -

December 27
Elvis Presley and The Beatles topped the list of most-forged celebrity signatures in 2012, with less than half of their autographs for sale certified as genuine, according to memorabilia authenticators PSA/DNA. Astronaut Neil Armstrong landed at #3 on the list when fake signatures rose significantly after his death in July.

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