Thursday, November 9, 2017

Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...November 9, 2017 (Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart on Bringing Back Jerry Garcia)

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Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart on Bringing Back Jerry Garcia for His Strangest Solo Album Yet

  Hart onstage in 2016


Since Rolling Thunder in 1972, percussionist Mickey Hart has been the Grateful Dead’s most prolific -- and most inventive -- solo artist. His latest album, RAMU (out Nov. 3), named after the musical device he created, combines archival samples, funky polyrhythms and rich melodies into a sonic tapestry. Hart explains how he creates a sound separate from the Dead.
“RAMU, the instrument, stands for Random Access Musical Universe. It’s a digital database that brings universes together that [are] normally autonomous.”

Joseph McDermott
“I created songs built around archival recordings from the Library of Congress just waiting to be discovered. I’ve found things that never coexisted before.”

Joseph McDermott
“There’s a political side [to the album], which was very important to me, considering who’s in the White House. That was great stimulus; Mr. Trump is a great inspiration.”

Joseph McDermott
“My archivist [found] a 1987 recording of [the Dead’s Jerry Garcia] messing around with his MIDI synth on guitar. I put a groove with it -- and Jerry [returns].”
Joseph McDermott

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