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Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock..September 29, 2017 (Movements - Debut Album)

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Movements Announce Debut Album, Share 'Colorblind' Video


Movements certainly caused some stir with its debut EP, Outgrown Things, during the spring of 2016. But the punky SoCal quartet didn't feel compelled to rush in making its debut full-length, Feel Something, which comes out Oct. 20. 
Check out the video for the first single, "Colorblind," below.

"I think Movements is starting to come of age. We're growing into our sound and our abilities as musicians," frontman Patrick Miranda tells Billboard. "Feel Something is a very special collection of music. We spent over a year and a half writing, and every song went through multiple versions of themselves until we were completely satisfied with the final product. We challenged ourselves, we stepped out of our comfort zones, we tried new things, and we worked our asses off. There were quite literally blood, sweat, and tears poured into this record and we couldn't be happier with the outcome."
Movements convened with Outgrown Things producer Will Yip during February to work on Feel Something, crafting 11 tracks designed with a cohesive vision of muscular rock energy and melodic songcraft -- and plenty of earworm-worthy hooks. "We wanted to define what Movements is on the record," Miranda says. "There were a lot of different styles on the EP because we were still trying to figure out who we wanted to be. For (Feel Something) we were all on the same page. Everything matured. We solidified our identity as a rock band. Our guitar tones are more complex. The spoken word parts are there, but there's hardly any screaming. We wanted to write a cool f***ing rock record with a song for everybody."
"Colorblind," then, is one for the lovers -- sort of. "It's a relationship song," notes Miranda, who is, in fact, colorblind. "I use that as an analogy for love." Musically, he adds, it's a song "that we felt best embodied the progression of our music. We wanted the first new song everyone heard to be a heavy-hitting banger that would really hit the ground running, and set a tone for the rest of the record."
Movements hit the road soon, starting Oct. 11 in Minneapolis with shows booked into mid-November. Pre-orders for the album are here. The full track list includes:
1. Full Circle
2. Third Degree
3. Colorblind
4. Daylily
5. Deadly Dull
6. Fever Dream
7. Suffer Through
8. Deep Red
9. Under The Gun
10. Submerge
11. The Grey 


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