Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More Music History for May 9, 2017 (with links)

1958 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
Alan Freed quit his job at radio station WINS over what he says is the station's failure to support him after he was indicted for causing a riot in Boston.

1959 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
16 year-old Wayne Newton made his Las Vegas debut at the Freemont Hotel. That first booking, scheduled to last two weeks, stretched into three years. Newton went on to become the king of the Vegas showrooms, earning close to $20-million a year.

1963 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
During a concert at London's Albert Hall, 20-year-old Paul McCartney met future girlfriend, 17 year-old Jane Asher, for the first time.

1964 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
After 14 weeks at number one, The Beatles are finally pushed out of Billboard's top spot by 63-year-old Louis Armstrong's "Hello Dolly".

1970 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
The Guess Who hit the top spot on Billboard's Hot 100 with "American Woman". The song was born by accident when guitarist Randy Bachman was playing a heavy riff on stage after he had broken a string and the band had taken a break. The other members joined in on the jam and Burton Cummings started singing the first thing that came into his head. A fan in the audience had it all on tape and presented it to the group after the show. It was quickly developed into a full song in the studio and ended up spending 3 weeks at the top of the US singles chart. It made #19 in the UK.

1973 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
Mick Jagger adds $150,000 of his own money to the $350,000 raised by The Rolling Stones' January benefit concert for victims of the Nicaraguan earthquake.

1988 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
Several US department stores refuse to stock the newly released Prince album "Lovesexy" because of its cover photo, which features a nude picture of him.

1990 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor refuses to perform on NBC-TV's Saturday Night Live after shock comedian Andrew Dice Clay is named as host. Two years later, O'Connor would do some shocking of her own when she ripped up a picture of the Pope on the same show, sending her career into ruins.

1992 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
Seventeen years after his first American chart entry, Bruce Springsteen makes his US TV debut when he appears on Saturday Night Live with host Tom Hanks.

2013 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
Cher's mother, 86-year-old Georgia Holt, made her Billboard chart debut when her LP "Honky Tonk Woman" entered the Heatseekers Albums Chart at #13 and the Top Country Albums Chart at #43.

2016 - ClassicBands.com

May 9
67-year-old Ozzy Osbourne and his 63-year-old wife Sharon split up after more than 33 years of marriage. The couple wed on July 4, 1982 and had three children together, Aimee, Kelly and Jack Osbourne.

May 9
Britta Lee Shain, a former girlfriend of Bob Dylan, released a memoir called Seeing the Real You at Last, in which she shared various anecdotes about their love affair and stories about her days with the music legend. Shain had previously dated Dylan's tour manager before the star swooped in and stole her away. 

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