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Today's Featured Artist...Febuary 5, 2017..The Critters (video + blog + links)

The Critters

(Read all about The Critters after the video)

The Critters were a successful American pop group with several hits in the 1960s, most notably "Mr. Dieingly Sad" a Billboard top-25 hit in 1966.
The group formed in New Jersey in 1964 when singer-guitarist Don Ciccone (February 28, 1946--October 8, 2016) and saxophonist Bob Podstawski joined local group the Vibratones, comprising Jim Ryan (lead guitar), Ken Gorka (bass), Jack Decker (drums), and Chris Darway (keyboards). They named themselves The Critters in emulation of similar band names like the Animals.
The Critters were originally signed to Musicor Records by Jimmy Radcliffe, who also produced their first release "Georgianna" backed with "I'm Gonna Give" in 1964. They eventually signed with Kapp Records, and in 1965 recorded John Sebastian's song "Younger Girl" for their first release. The song was selected for the band by producer Artie Ripp. However, because Ciccone, Ryan, and Podstawski were then all accepted at Villanova University, the record was not completed until late 1965. "Younger Girl" became a minor pop hit in early 1966, and reached #38 in the UK Singles Chart in July that year.[1] It was followed by Ciccone's song "Mr. Dieingly Sad", also produced by Ripp, which reached #17 later in the year, and by "Bad Misunderstanding", which reached #55 still later in 1966. The group had their final chart hit with "Don't Let the Rain Fall Down on Me" in 1967, at #39.
After recording several singles and one album (Younger Girl), the original band split up when Podstawski, Ciccone, and Decker joined the armed services and Darway left for art college. Ryan and Gorka then attempted to maintain the group with new members for some time, releasing two more albums (Touch 'n Go With The Critters and Critters).
Later, Ryan recorded and toured with Carly Simon before working as a studio guitarist. Ciccone joined the Four Seasons, and later toured with Tommy James and the Shondells. "Mr. Dieingly Sad" (Ciccone) died at the age of 70 from a heart attack on 8 October 2016. Gorka became booker and co-owner of The Bitter End in Greenwich Village; he died on 20 March 2015.[2]
Chris Darway went on to form Johnny's Dance Band, a popular group in the Philadelphia area in the late 1970s, followed by the Chet Bolins Band.[3]
Kurt Shanaman of Mountainside, New Jersey filled in on drums on tour and in the studio in 1967.
In 2007, The Critters re-formed when Don Ciccone was asked to join the band Skeezix, which included Albert Miller, Lenny Rocco, and Milt Koster. Their repertoire included classic hits from all the bands Ciccone was involved with (including a slightly retitled "Mr. Dyingly Sad"), as well as original and cover material. The band performed mostly on the Treasure Coast of Florida. The Critters recorded a new album, Time Pieces, which includes the updated "Mr. Dyingly Sad" and a new version of "Younger Girl". The band announced their breakup in the summer of 2013.

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