Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Today in Music History...January 3, 2017

Music History: January 3

 Maxene Andrews 1916 - Singer (The Andrews Sisters)
John Russell 1921
Bill Travers 1922
Hank Stram 1924
George Martin 1926 - Record producer
Joan Walsh Anglund 1926
Robert Loggia 1930 - Actor
Dabney Coleman 1932 - Actor ("9 to 5," "You've Got Mail")
Coo Coo (Clifton) Marlin 1932
Bobby Hull 1939 - Hockey player
Van Dyke Parks 1943
Victoria Principal 1944 - Actress ("Dallas")
Stephen Stills 1945 - Musician (Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills and Nash)
Betty Rollin 1946
John Paul Jones 1946 - Musician (Led Zeppelin)
Melody Anderson 1955
Mel Gibson 1956 - Actor ("Braveheart," "Lethal Weapon" movies)
Shannon Sturges 1968 - Actress
James Carter 1969
Michael Schumacher 1969 - Racecar driver
Jason Marsden 1975
Danica McKellar 1975 - Actress ("The Wonder Years")

 1940 - The "Southland Shuffle" was recorded on Bluebird Records by Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra. Billy May was featured as a trumpet player.

1957 - Fats Domino recorded "I'm Walkin'."

1960 - Bobby Darin, Della Reese and Connie Francis performed together on the "Ed Sullivan Show."

1964 - The Beatles made their first appearance on U.S. television in a film clip shown on the "Jack Paar Show." It was a performance of the song "She Loves You."
Today in Beatles History

1967 - Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) refused to be sworn in after receiving a U.S. Army draft notice. He said he was a conscientious objector.

1970 - "I Me Mine" was recorded by the Beatles. It was the last song that the band would record together.
Today in Beatles History

1970 - Davy Jones announced he was leaving the Monkees.

1985 - Leonie Rysanek gave her final performance of "Aida."

1996 - Madonna testified in an L.A. Court against Robert Dewey Hoskins. He had been accused of stalking and threatening to kill her.

1998 - Swedish police arrested a total of 314 people following a neo-Nazi concert near Stockholm. Crowd members allegedly gave Hitler salutes, classified as a "hate crime" under Swedish law, during a performance by U.S. group Max Resist.

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