Sunday, December 25, 2016

NOTHING IS OVER LIKE CHRISTMAS - Jack Blanchard's Column - December 25th, 2016


Nothing is over like Christmas.
Months of anticipation, and then it's gone.
Try to hold on to it and it slides away like a morning dream.
It's Christmas Day and there are no holiday programs on TV.
Not even football in the snow.

It's hard to work up the spirit here in Florida,
but we give it a shot every year.
Misty decorates a tree, and puts Christmas stuff all over the place.
We listen to Christmas music with the air conditioning on
and with palm trees lurking in the front yard.

I get very sentimental about Christmas,
probably because I had real Christmasy holidays years ago,
with folks who are no longer with us,
and my immature subconscious thinks it will happen again.

I toss up futile prayers for snow here in the subtropics,
but this is the time of year
when we just get a cheap imitation of autumn.
A couple of trees around here have a touch of red,
and I go look at them.

Television doesn't help with reports of all night sales,
talking heads urging us to be good consumers,
stranded travelers sleeping in airports,
and carolers singing "Happy Honda Days".

The people who tell us that it's a pagan holiday,
just because it's near the winter solstice,
may not realize what an intrusion that is upon our enjoyment.
I think we can each bring our own spirituality and memories
to the season,
and make it our personal non-pagan celebration.
It's in the spirit of the beholder.

Misty is saving the day
by making an old fashioned Christmas dinner.
I'm setting our bathroom scales back ten pounds.

I think I'll write a letter to Santa,
and ask him for one more snowy Christmas in Buffalo,
where the night is silent,
the homes are warm,
and the feeling is strong in the air.

Jack Blanchard.

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