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Today in Music History...November 23, 2016

Music History: November 23


1888: Harpo Marx
1928: Jerry Bock
1931: Gloria Lynne
1933: Krzysztof Penderecki
1939: Betty Everett


1992: Roy Acuff
1994: Tommy Boyce
2001: O.C. Smith


1899: The Palais Royal Hotel in San Francisco installs the first coin-operated machine destined to be known as a "jukebox," in this case a crude slot-machine apparatus connected to an actual Edison phonograph. At a then-princely nickel a song, it nevertheless took in one thousand dollars in six months' time.
1956: A sheet metal worker in Toledo, OH is arrested for punching Elvis Presley in a bar after the man discovers Elvis' picture in his wife's wallet.
1960: Elvis' fifth film, G.I. Blues, is released in US theaters, just six years to the day before his 22nd, Spinout!
1964: The Rolling Stones are banned from the BBC for, of all things, unprofessionalism, the band having arrived late twice to perform on the radio shows Saturday Club and Top Gear.
 1967: AM radio receives a blow to its self-esteem when San Francisco KMPX-FM disc jockey Tom Donahue, inventor of "classic rock" and "deep cut" radio, tells Rolling Stone: "Top Forty radio, as we know it today and have known it for the last ten years, is dead, and its rotting corpse is stinking up the airwaves."
1968: NBC-TV airs the musical special The Cowsills: A Family Thing, also starring Buddy Ebsen.
1968: Led Zeppelin signs to the Atlantic label after being guided there by... Dusty Springfield?
1972: Bob Dylan goes to Durango, CO, to begin work on his role in Sam Peckinpah's next movie, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid.
1974: UK pop-rock band Spooky Tooth call it quits. Though only a cult hit in the US (and virtually unknown at home), their members will all go on to fame: Gary Wright with "Dream Weaver," Mick Jones as the guitarist for Foreigner, Henry McCullough as one of the guitarists for Wings (he does the solo on "My Love"), and Chris Stainton as an Eric Clapton sideman.
1976: Jerry Lee Lewis visits Elvis Presley's Memphis home, Graceland, very early in the morning and is told that Elvis is asleep. He drives off in a huff but returns after sunrise, invited there by The King himself. Unfortunately, one of Elvis' security guards hasn't been told, and when Jerry Lee is refused permission to enter, he allegedly brandishes a gun and claims he's come to kill Presley. Lewis, who later claimed he was making a sarcastic joke, is promptly arrested.
1979: Marianne Faithfull is arrested for possession of marijuana at the airport in Oslo, Norway, but released after signing a confession.
1994: Michael Jackson is cleared in a paternity suit after DNA results proved he was NOT the father.
1998: The world's first portable mp3 player goes on sale, despite strenuous objections from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). The Diamond Rio PMP300, which cost $200, could play about a dozen songs.
2000: Jonathan King is arrested for having had sex with five boys under the age of 16 from 1983-1989. He would eventually be sentenced to seven years in prison.
2002: Otis Redding's widow and former manager sue Scott Freeman, author of a 2001 biography of the late soul singer that mentioned rumors to the effect that Redding's then-manager caused his plane to crash in 1967, with a little help from the mob, in order to collect on his life insurance.


1964: The Beatles, "I Feel Fine" b/w "She's A Woman"


1936: Robert Johnson, "Kind Hearted Woman Blues," "I Believe I'll Dust My Broom," "Sweet Home Chicago," "Ramblin' On My Mind," "When You Got A Good Friend," "Come On In My Kitchen," "Terraplane Blues," "Phonograph Blues"


1963: Dale and Grace's "I'm Leaving It Up To You" hits #1
1974: Billy Swan's "I Can Help" hits #1




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