Monday, November 21, 2016

To ALL Americans: A Special Note From One of Your Authors on This Web Site

What a show of respect by both countries, players & spectators

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I just watch the citizens of Mexico honor America at the beginning of the Monday Night Football game Houston Texans vs Oakland Raiders.

They did an opening show by having people with flash cards displaying the American flag & EVERYONE stood for the American national anthem. They had a Mexican recording artist sing the Star Spangle Banner, & she did it with feeling & respect.

They flipped the cards to show the Mexican flag & did the Mexican national anthem, sung by another Mexican recording artist, & EVERYONE stood.

I was so impressed by the mutual respect, I cried. In our own country, not ALL, players & spectators, stand for our national anthem.

I just had to say, "Thank you Mexico" for showing such a great sign of respect.

As you all know, I'm Allen 'The Raider' Erhard'. It's 10-10 at the half, & I'm going to watch the rest of this game. Guess who I'm rooting for.

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