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Today in Music History...October 1, 2016

Music History: October 1



1913: Charles Randolph Grean
1926: Max Morath
1930: Richard Harris
1932: Albert Collins
1934: Geoff Stephens (The New Vaudeville Band)
1935: Julie Andrews
1942: Herb Fame (Peaches and Herb)
1943: Jerry Martini (Sly and the Family Stone)
1944: Barbara Parritt (The Toys)
1944: Scott McKenzie
1945: Donny Hathaway
1947: Rob Davis (Mud)
1948: Mariska Veres (Shocking Blue)
1948: Cub Koda (Brownsville Station)
1957: Andy Walton (Kenny)


1975: Al Jackson (Booker T. and The MGs)
1992: Harry Ray (The Moments)


1956: When test audiences are horrified at Elvis' character dying in the original ending of Elvis' first film, Love Me Tender, Elvis is called back to reshoot himself singing over the end credits to assure female fans. When his mother, Gladys, cries at his death scene, Presley becomes determined never to film another.
1956: Little Anthony and the Imperials record Neil Sedaka's "The Diary," and the results so displease the songwriter that he decides to record it himself, resulting in his first chart hit. 
 1962: The Beatles sign their first real management contract with Brian Epstein, with George and Paul's fathers signing for their sons, who are still minors. Epstein gets 25 percent of the group's earnings.
1962: Barbra Streisand is signed to Columbia Records.
1964: The Beatles' debut film, A Hard Day's Night, becomes the first movie to debut behind the "Iron Curtain" of Communist countries when it is shown in Prague.
1965: At Carnegie Hall, Bob Dylan presents his new backup band, formerly Ronnie Hawkins' backup band, known as the Hawks. Eventually, they will simply become known as (and famous as) The Band.
1966: Jimi Hendrix makes his UK stage debut when he jumps onstage to jam with Cream at London Polytechnic.
1967: The first edition of the program Top Gear, featuring host DJ John Peel, airs on BBC Radio 1.
1967: Traffic makes its stage debut at London's Saville Theatre.
1967: Mick Jagger's apartment in London is burglarized, with girlfriend Marianne Faithfull's furs and jewelry being among the items listed stolen.
1968: John Sebastian leaves the Lovin' Spoonful.
1970: Jimi Hendrix is laid to rest at Seattle's Greenwood Cemetery, under a headstone that reads "Forever In Our Hearts, James 'Jimi' Hendrix 1942 - 1970." Mourners include Eric Burdon, Johnny Winter, members of Derek and the Dominoes, and Miles Davis.
1970: Curtis Mayfield leaves the Impressions.
1976: In an attempt to end his cocaine addiction, David Bowie leaves England and moves to West Berlin, where he begins collaborating with Iggy Pop and Brian Eno.
1977: The Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame inducts its first musician, singer/songwriter Elton John.
1980: Paul Simon's semi-autobiographical film One Trick Pony, in which he stars, is released in the US. Critical and audience reaction is tepid.
1982: Sony introduces the world's first digital compact-disc player in Tokyo, which sells for about $650.
1983: The first worldwide David Bowie convention is held in London's Cunard Hotel.
1993: Wilson Pickett is sentenced to a year in jail for running into an 86-year-old man while driving drunk.
1998: Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty is awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame at 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
2002: Barry White's label reveals that the singer has been hospitalized with kidney failure.


1964: The Beatles Vs. The Four Seasons
1966: Cat Stevens, "I Love My Dog"
1969: The Beatles, Abbey Road
1970: Elvis Presley, Almost In Love


1928: Duke Ellington, "The Mooche"
1928: Ben Pollack, "Forever"
1968: The Beatles, "Honey Pie"


1977: Meco's "Star Wars Theme / Cantina Band" hits #1


1971: John Lennon's LP Imagine is certified gold

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