Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WGNY 98.9 FM What a Great Bunch Guys at Fox 'Oldies'

Fox 'Oldies' up in the Hudson Valley, in New York, has the greatest radio station in the area. That's why we here at feature them in our left side bar. Just scroll down & click on the top song. When WGNY fully loads, click 'Listen Live' and you will be listening to Van Richie in the morning, Bob O for the 'Drive Through' (lunch), Buffalo Bob for your drive home after work, & Joe at night. They all bring the 'Best Music Ever Recorded' all day.
I'm a native of that area, and have listened to them for years. Recently, Bob O sent down a song to me, I now live in South Carolina, 'So Far Away' by Carole King. What a nice feeling that was. "Thank you so much" I thought it would be only appropriate to send a song back to him. Bob is from New Jersey, so, Bob "This Song's for You" Enjoy it! 

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