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Today in Music History...August 27,2016

Music History: August 27



1927: Jimmy C. Newman
1937: Tommy Sands
1937: Phil Shulman (Gentle Giant)
1942: Daryl Dragon (The Captain and Tennille)
1944: Cuba Gooding Sr. (The Main Ingredient)
1944: Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge)
1945: Malcolm Allured (Showaddywaddy)
1951: Kevin Kavanaugh (Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes)




1961: Connie Francis appears as the celebrity "mystery guest" on the CBS television show What's My Line.
1965: Elvis Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker contacts Beatles manager Brian Epstein to let him know that Elvis will agree to meet the Beatles in his Los Angeles mansion on Perugia Way. When the group arrive, stoned on marijuana, The King is in the darkened living room, surrounded by his entourage, sitting on an L-shaped couch, looking at the TV with the sound off, fooling around on a bass guitar. "Hi, Elvis," says the group, almost all at once. "Hey, you guys want a drink?" Elvis offers. 
 The four sit down to watch TV with Elvis and are taken with his early-model remote control, still a novelty. The group is also thrilled by the King's pool table, and plays a few games with the Mafia, while Presley's jukebox plays Charlie Rich's "Mohair Sam" over and over. Priscilla is presented to the group and then quickly whisked away, dressed, according to Paul, "in a purple gingham dress, with a gingham bow in her very beehive hair, with lots of makeup."
Awed somewhat by each other's presence, conversation does not come easily, but John thinks to ask if Elvis is working on a new movie. "I sure am," he replies. "I play a country boy with a guitar who meets a few gals along the way, and I sing a few songs." "We all looked at one another," remembers John. "Finally Presley and Colonel Parker laughed and explained that the only time they departed from that formula - for Wild In The Country - they lost money."
Paul offers to give Elvis some lessons on the bass; the group eventually falls into a very informal, brief, and anticlimactic jam session. Everyone seems pleased with the experience, however: John Lennon, upon leaving, tells Jerry Schilling to make sure Elvis knows that "if it hadn’t been for him, the Beatles would be nothing."
1967: While studying with the Maharishi in Bangor, North Wales, the Beatles receive news that manager Brian Epstein has been found dead in his Belgravia, London home (a death later attributed to an accidental overdose of the sleeping pill Carbitrol, taken with brandy). The Maharishi puzzles the Beatles somewhat by counseling them that Brian's death is cosmically unimportant; nevertheless, they immediately return to London. On the same day, London's Sunday Express newspaper reports that former band drummer Pete Best now works in a bakery, where he pulls down a weekly salary of eighteen pounds.
1977: Jimmy Buffett marries his second wife, Jane Slagsvol of Columbia, SC, who had co-written two of his songs, "Something So Feminine About A Mandolin" and "Kick It In Second Wind." They remain married today.
1992: John Lennon's original written lyrics for "A Day In The Life" fetch $87,000 at a Sotheby's auction.
2003: Janis Ian marries her girlfriend, Nashville defense lawyer Patricia Snyder, in Toronto, Canada; gay marriages are legal in the country.


1966: The Association, "Cherish"


1939: Allan Jones, "I'm Falling In Love With Someone"
1977: Jackson Browne: "Running On Empty," "The Load Out / Stay"





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