Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jack Blanchard's Column - August 30, 2016

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We'd been on the road
racing from show to show for a long time.
We were about to drive under an overpass.
Above on the crossing road
an Amish man was driving his horse and buggy at a leisurely pace.
I said to Misty, "I wonder if he's happier that I am?"

Two of our best Key West friends were Mel Fisher and his wife Deo.
He was the treasure hunter
who found millions in Spanish gold and artifacts off the Florida coast.
Mel and I often played chess in a little French bakery and coffee house.

Charlie McCoy plays everything.
Besides harmonica, he's played organ, vibes, trumpet, tuba, and saw
on our recording sessions.

We had a smart toy poodle named Wolf.
On the road in our motor home,
Misty was trying to play fetch with him, throwing a toy.
He humored her a couple of times, and then he did this:
He nudged the toy off the seat with his nose,
and then looked up at her for help.
Misty reached down to the floor and put the toy back up on the seat.
Wolf waited a few minutes and then knocked it off again.
After I watched this a while I realized Wolf had taught Misty to fetch.

If owls were finger lickin' good we'd all be eatin' KFO.

I went to bed kinda happy about last night's column,
and then I woke up today and read it.
It could have been done by a monkey with a typewriter.
I've told that monkey not to do that.

IN THE FUTURE... There will be no more rest rooms.
There will be an app on your cell phone for that.

One of the side effects of my new medicine:
Involuntary tap dancing.

It was a bright sunny day...
I was up early doing my hallucinations before breakfast.

I did a complete workout...
deltoids, adenoids, Altoids, and factoids.
biceps, triceps, and forceps.

If I were forced at gunpoint
to name the best musician we've ever recorded with,
I would probably say Hargus "Pig" Robbins.
If it was really at gunpoint I'd say whatever they wanted to hear.

It's a big place full of people actually talking to each other.

When the horse dies, get off.

Jack Blanchard

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