Monday, August 22, 2016

AUTHOR"S NOTE: Many Changes & Additions to

To all our viewers, visitors, & subscribers:

This is just to let you know what is happening here at Remember Radio.

#1...Our name has changed. It is now 

Allow me to explain what a few things are around the site

Across the top of the site there are some new links to things that you may wonder..."What is this?"

Some are self explanatory, others...
  • Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan: They are a singer/song- writer/producer of American music. Some is funny, some is really good music, but more has its roots in country. Follow this link for some music samples of what they are all about.
  •  Rondoids (world & national news) & Raider Country (country music & news + a Chapel Service on Sundays)
  • Vietnam War Music is a link to Rock, R&B, Folk, & Funk music from 1965-1975
  • Rock/Disco Mega Mix is a medley of rock tunes with a disco beat in the background
  • History of Rock & Roll Music is music from 1955-1970 where you select what year you want to listen to. It's live radio from all over the US for that year
OK, now lets look at the left side bar of the site:
  • Rock Rage Radio is hard Rock Music
  • The Big Juke Box offers a whole host of music. You select what type, and there are several, that you want to listen to
  •  Cat 105.3 is a new country music radio station that features an oldies show every Sunday night from 6-10 Grady Brown hosts the ALL request 'At the Beach'
  • WCBS FM 101.1 is an oldies radio station from NYC
  • Radio B2 is a 'Classic Rock' radio station from Germany
  • WGNY 98.9 is an oldie radio station from my home town
That pretty much covers most of the e-mails I've received lately. Please keep the e-mails coming and don't forget, you can always leave a note in the comment section at the bottom of every post. Subscribe, (it's FREE), & you'll receive every post delivered right to your e-mail.

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