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Jack Blanchard - The Dawn Breakers - FLASHBACK!! - "The Early Years

The Dawn Breakers

 The Dawn Breakers  
 Larry Potter, Buddy Baker, Jack Blanchard, and Johnny Wilson.

The Dawn Breakers (Buffalo, NY)

Personnel :

Jim Warren (Lead)

Buddy Lee Baker (Tenor)

Don Fronczak (Bass)

Jack Blanchard (Baritone)

Discography :

1956 - Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses (And The Suede Shoes) / The Things I Love (Coral 61619)

Biography :

Jack Blanchard was very talented musically, proficient on guitar, bass and piano. After graduating (he attended Bennett, Lafayette and Kenmore High Schools) he played piano in various joints around town. Don Fronczak joined the Army out of high school, which is where he began performing music – singing first in an Army chorus, then a private group. Out of the service and looking for an opportunity to sing, Don met Jack at a nightspot in Tonawanda and they decided to form a group.

The first Dawn Breakers Quartet. Late 1950's

At first it was the boys with two girls and the material was the Pop music of the day. As time went on the ladies were replaced with a succession of male singers, the material started including R&R, and they started working the Western New York circuit (which really means Ontario to Erie), including McVan’s and the Glen Casino. Jack continued to be the ‘musician’ of the group while Jim Warren became the lead singer.

Clockwise from bottom left: Buddy Baker, Jim Warren, Don Fronczak, Jack Blanchard.

This group did some recording at Howell Studio on Delaware Avenue, as many as a dozen tracks of their music plus advertising jingles and a theme for a local DJ. Probably due to the latter, they hooked up with local DJ ‘Hernando’ (Phil Todaro), as many aspiring local musicians ended up doing. Through his record business contacts Todaro was able to get them a deal with Coral Records. Jack brought out a song he’d written called Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses (And The Suede Shoes). In the interest of group ‘harmony’ he have the credit to all groups members- Blanchard, Fronczak, Warren and Buddy Lee Baker (who had replaced Harry Madrid).

Buddy Baker, Jim Warren, Don Fronczak and Jack Blanchard

In any case, the 1956 song was something of a local hit, though some radio stations may have opted to spin the more traditional These Are "The Things I Love" on the flip. They had trouble getting The Hound – George Lorenz – to play their record unless some considerations were thrown his way (a common practice) which they were unwilling or unable to do. And just as they were getting going there were the usual members resignations due to family and ‘other job’ demands. With new members they auditioned for the Arthur Godfrey Show and even cut an advertisement for the local Polish newspaper “Everybody’s Daily”. They may have cut one more obscure 45. But finally they just drifted apart.

Songs :

The Things I Love

 Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses 

Jack Blanchard's Column 10 26, 2017 - A Small Story for Halloween

Halloween Remix by: Remember Radio

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

We saw a candle in the window of the chapel in the graveyard,
and it flickered as it slowly moved away.
Was that the wind in the pipes of the old dusty organ,
Or just howling down the hill among the graves?

Then lightning struck the steeple, and it rang the chapel bell
That's been rusted into silence many years.
Then the thunder rolled away and the organ starts to play
And we heard a voice that filled our hearts with fear.

Then the voice called through the night so loud and clear,
"Is there anything at all you'd like to hear?
Though my bones are old and moldy, I just love to pick them oldies.
Is there anything at all you'd like to hear?"

So we dug up some requests for him to try.
We shouted, "How 'bout 'Speckled Bird' or 'Jambalay'?"
He said "Maybe I'll ad lib a chorus on my ribs".
Then the voice sang all the songs that made us cry.

Well, the three of us, we sang the whole night long.
He kept pickin' funky organ until dawn.
Till the morning mist was rising on the lawn...
When the sun came up, we knew that he was gone.

Now the first red rays of sun begin to creep,
And the shadows of the graves are long and deep.
We smile and wonder when we'll hear that voice again.
Then we close the lid and sing ourselves to sleep.

Then we close the lid and sing ourselves to sleep.

Jack Blanchard

-- Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan... Home Page: http://www.jackandmisty.net Awards: Grammy, Billboard, CMA, BMI, ASCAP. Mastering & restoration studio: 352-530-2068. Email: jackandmisty@gmail.com.

© Jack Blanchard, 2017.

Jack Blanchard's Column October 31, 2017 - Career Advice


Misty and I had a steady job with our band
in a classy Coral Gables supper club,
playing light jazz dance music,
and occasionally slipping in one of our own songs.
We had made a couple of records that got local airplay,
but we were getting nowhere with amazing velocity.

Dick Gillespie was a regular customer.
He was witty, in the Robin Williams style,
and owned a local country music radio station.
He had won an Emmy for producing the Colgate Comedy Hour.
An intelligent guy.

I asked him one night why we weren't getting anywhere.
We were good musicians, I said,
we sang well, looked okay, and made nice records.
Why didn't he see that, and help us?
His answer hurt our feelings and saved our life.

He said, "You have nothing to sell.
Nobody is interested in the things you mentioned.
People won't walk across the street to see a good-looking musician,
but they'll stop for an auto accident."

More importantly, he said,
"Go home and develop an unusual style,
costume yourselves to attract attention,
and change your name if necessary.
Try singing different ways until the style is pronounced.
Style is more important than good singing.
Good singers back up artists with style.
Change your attitude.
Go for stage presence.
Be whoever you want to be, but be unique."

Then he added,
"You can't do this here in the town where they know you.
They won't accept it.
Go to a new place and walk in the door in your new way,
no matter how self-conscious you feel,
and they will think you were born that way."

Misty Morgan changed her name from Mary Blanchard,
we dressed pretty wild,
worked up a lot of new material and attitude,
and went to Key West to try it out.
We thought we'd be laughed at, but they not only accepted us,
they packed the place to see and hear us.
We had a recording contract within two weeks,
and a Pick in Billboard within a couple of months.

We found out that the roles we were playing
were more real than playing dinner music in suit and gown.
Now we can't think of ourselves the old way.
We've been who we are now over half our lives.
It's us.

Dick Gillespie gave us the best advice we ever got,
so we pass it on to other striving artists.
It works.

Jack Blanchard

Awards: Grammy, Billboard, CMA, BMI, ASCAP. Mastering & restoration studio: 352-530-2068. Email: jackandmisty@gmail.com. © Jack Blanchard, 2017.

Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...October 31, 2017 [Portugal. The Man - New Release)

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Portugal. The Man's 'Feel It Still' Is Biggest Rock Crossover Hit in Five Years

  (L-R) John Gourley, Eric Howk and Zach Carothers of the band Portugal. The Man attend Build to discuss their eighth studio album 'Woodstock' at Build Studio on June 20, 2017 in New York City

The song achieves what no hit has at radio since Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" in 2012.

Portugal. The Man adds two more tallies to its chart-topping resume, as "Feel It Still" hits No. 1 on Billboard's Pop Songs and Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts (dated Nov. 11).
The song, versatile for multiple radio formats with its '60s-reminiscent pop, rock and dance vibe, has now led six radio-based rankings, led by its command on the all-genre Radio Songs chart for a third week with 128 million in audience, up 11 percent, in the week ending Oct. 29, according to Nielsen Music. The song wins the Billboard Hot 100's top Airplay Gainer award, as it holds at its No. 4 high on the chart, which blends airplay, streaming and sales data.
"Feel" additionally tops Adult Pop Songs for a third week. It previously ruled Alternative Songs for 17 weeks, tying for the third-longest domination in the chart's 29-year history, and Adult Alternative Songs for 11 weeks.
 Only one other song has hit No. 1 on Radio Songs, Pop Songs, Adult Pop Songs, Alternative Songs, Adult Alternative Songs and Dance/Mix Show Airplay (dating to the launch of the lattermost list, and youngest of those surveys, in August 2003). In 2012, Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know," featuring Kimbra, led the respective charts for six, three, six, 12, 13 and six weeks. It also dominated the Hot 100 for eight weeks, eventually emerging as the top Hot 100 title of all of 2012.

"Somebody" additionally led a seventh airplay chart: Adult Contemporary, for a whopping 19 weeks. "Feel" lifts 21-18 on the Nov. 11 AC tally and should it top a seventh airplay chart, it would tie "Somebody" and only two other smashes for the most such reigns (since August 2003). The other two titles to crown seven airplay lists each: Pharrell Williams' "Happy," in 2014, and Adele's "Hello," in 2015-16.
Joining "Feel" with six-packs of airplay chart No. 1s are eight other songs (six of which added No. 1 runs on R&B-based rankings): Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" (2005); Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You" (2006); Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," featuring T.I. and Pharrell (2013); John Legend's "All of Me" (2014); Nico & Vinz's "Am I Wrong" (2014); Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" (2014); Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk!," featuring Bruno Mars (2015); and, another ubiquitous 2017 hit: Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito," featuring Justin Bieber (which led three Latin airplay charts in addition to Radio Songs, Pop Songs and Dance/Mix Show Airplay).
 Of those elite 12 songs to top at least six airplay charts, Gotye's "Somebody" and Portugal. The Man's "Feel" are the only hits to count commands on Alternative Songs among its reigns.

Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...October 31, 2017 (Bruce Springsteen - New Release - Freedom Credence)

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Listen to Bruce Springsteen's 'Thank You For Your Service' Soundtrack Ballad 'Freedom Credence'

 Bruce Springsteen at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games 2017 at Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Sept. 30, 2017

Bruce Springsteen has a new song called “Freedom Credence” featured in the film Thank You For Your Service, which is about veterans of the Iraq War dealing with PTSD. The Miles Teller-starring movie came out over the weekend, and the song plays over the closing credits.
Over a spare beat, Springsteen sings, "Some say is freedom is free/ But I tend to disagree/ I say freedom is won/ With the blood of someone's son." The singer is currently in the midst of the Springsteen on Broadway one-man show run, which will find him playing his songs and reading excerpts from his best-selling Born to Run memoir five nights a week through Feb. 3.
Listen to the song below:

Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...October 31, 2017 (Fall Out Boy - Mania Tour)

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Fall Out Boy Bring Rock and Roll 'MANIA' to Brooklyn, Prove They're Still at Top of Game

  Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy performs at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on Oct. 28, 2017 in the Brooklyn

As unbelievable as it sounds, Fall Out Boy have been around now for 15 years. Their debut album, Take This to Your Grave, was released in 2003, and their big break came in 2005 with the top 10 Hot 100 hit "Sugar, We're Goin Down." In 2012, after a three-year hiatus, they rose from the ashes of the emo rubble to reclaim their crown with Save Rock and Roll -- by far their best effort and arguably one of the most underrated rock albums to come out in the past decade.
Still riding that wave of renewed success, the band splashed down at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Saturday (Oct. 28) amidst a sea of pyrotechnics and an elaborate light show one week into the MANIA Tour, supporting the album of the same name that comes out in January. It was a tight, hits-packed set that saw the act ripping through 21 songs in 90 minutes.
After the entire band rose up from under the stage for the apropos opener "The Phoenix," the show featured songs from all seven of their studio albums, from "Grand Theft Autumn/ Where Is Your Boy" and "Saturday" off their debut to four songs off the upcoming MANIA. But the best of the bunch fell in between that.

FOB played five songs off their most recent album, 2015's American Beauty/ American Psycho, including fan favorites "Immortals" and "Uma Thurman." And they of course performed early hits like "Sugar," "Dance, Dance" and their biggest Hot 100 hit to date, "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race," which peaked at No. 2 in 2007.
In addition to "Phoenix," "Alone Together" and the stand-out "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" off their comeback album filled the arena with nary a note out of place. During the title track, "Save Rock and Roll," singer Patrick Stump sat at a piano and tried to mimic Elton John's original guest vocals to varying degrees of success.
That said, Stump was otherwise in fantastic form. While bassist Pete Wentz often overshadows the singer in terms of name recognition, Stump is the real star of the show.
In the same way Save Rock and Roll is underrated, so is Stump. A pop-punk/emo version of a blue-eyed soul singer, he makes hitting those high notes while vocally maneuvering through octaves, along with tongue-twisting lyrics, look easy.
Still, he seems perfectly fine with Wentz stealing the spotlight. In fact, the bassist did pretty much all of the between-song banter, including calling out a fan for using an iPad to film the concert. "I see you're enjoying the show," he said sarcastically.
At the end of the night, as if acknowledging the dynamics, Stump took over Wentz's stage-left spot while Wentz put down his bass and grabbed the mic to work the crowd.
While the stage was pretty sparse -- with just the band, some lights and pyro equipment peppering the space -- FOB kept things interesting for the largely young, mostly female crowd by shooting off flames and fireworks, raining down confetti and streamers, and dropping T-shirts from the ceiling via tiny parachutes. There was also a runway that led to a second and third stage that lifted high up off the floor so that fans in the back and the nosebleeds got a better view during three songs.
But the most prominent and pervasive gimmick was a giant video screen playing both relevant and seemingly irrelevant images. What schools of swimming fish and arctic landscapes have to do with "The Last of the Real Ones" is anyone's guess. But the images worked when, say, "Uma Thurman" was playing against a backdrop of the actress in clips of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction.
In more poignant and thought-provoking moments, the screen flashed pictures of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee interspersed with Martin Luther King Jr. during "Centuries," an overview of Princess Diana's life played during "Champions," and there was a quick flash of the late Tom Petty at the end of "Save Rock and Roll."
But did the tweens, teens and 20-somethings even know who half these people were? Did it matter? Probably not. Because when it comes to music, the spirit of rock and roll is universal and generation-less.

Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...October 31, 2017 (One Direction Ties the Beatles)

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One Direction Ties The Beatles as Only Groups With Three Members With Solo No. 1 Albums

 Image result for one direction images    One Direction

As Niall Horan debuts atop the Billboard 200 albums chart dated Nov. 11 with his first solo album, Flicker, he brings the total of One Direction members with solo No. 1s to three. In doing so, One Direction now matches The Beatles as the only groups to see three of its members top the Billboard 200 with solo albums.
Horan follows fellow One Direction member Harry Styles (with his self-titled debut earlier in 2017) and former group member Zayn (with his debut album, Mind of Mine, in 2016).
The Beatles spun off multiple solo No. 1s from George Harrison (two No. 1s), John Lennon (three No. 1s) and Paul McCartney (six No. 1s, including efforts alongside his band Wings).
Of course, both One Direction and The Beatles notched their own No. 1s on the chart as groups. One Direction led the list four times, while The Beatles hit No. 1 a record 19 times.
The only member of The Beatles without a solo No. 1 album is Ringo Starr, who has so far peaked at No. 2 (with his Ringo album in 1973).

There are still two members of One Direction yet to release a solo album: Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Both have charted songs in the past year, including a No. 1 on the Pop Songs airplay chart for Payne ("Strip That Down," featuring Quavo) and a No. 7 hit on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart for Tomlinson ("Just Hold On," with Steve Aoki).
Not included in our comparison of groups with the most solo members with No. 1s are supergroups such as Traveling Wilburys (with chart toppers Harrison, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty).
Special note should be made of the quasi-supergroup G-Unit, which released its first album in 2003 after its leader, 50 Cent, first topped the chart earlier that year with his major-label debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. The act also featured Lloyd Banks (who would later top the chart with his solo debut), and briefly included The Game (who also later hit No. 1 with his first solo album, though he never recorded with G-Unit on a commercially released album or song by the group).
— additional reporting by Xander Zellner

Today's Featured Artist..October 31, 2017...Rick Dees (video + blog + links) Disco Duck

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Rick Dees

(Read all about Rick Dees after the video)

Rigdon Osmond Dees III (born March 14, 1950 in Jacksonville, Florida), best known as Rick Dees, is an American entertainer, radio personality, comedian, actor, and voice artist, best known for his internationally syndicated radio show The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown and for the 1976 novelty song "Disco Duck".
Dees is a People's Choice Award recipient, a Grammy-nominated performing artist, and Broadcast Hall of Fame inductee. He wrote two songs that appear in the film Saturday Night Fever, plus performed the title song for the film Meatballs.[1] He co-founded the E. W. Scripps television network, Fine Living Network, and has hosted Rick Dees in the Morning at 102.7 KIIS FM and Hot 92.3 in Los Angeles. Today he continues his own syndicated daily radio show, Daily Dees.

Early life

Dees was born Rigdon Osmond Dees III in Jacksonville, Florida on March 14, 1950. He was raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. Dees graduated from Greensboro's Grimsley High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a bachelor's degree in motion pictures, TV, and radio.[citation needed]



Dees began his radio career at a Greensboro radio station called WGBG while still in high school.[2] He worked for various radio stations throughout the southeastern United States, including WXYC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, WSGN in Birmingham, Alabama, and WKIX in Raleigh, North Carolina.[citation needed]
His introduction to the international entertainment arena began while working at WMPS AM 680 ("The Great 68") in Memphis, Tennessee, during the disco craze of the late 1970s, when he wrote and recorded "Disco Duck", the award-winning hit that sold more than 6 million copies. The song can be heard in Saturday Night Fever, in a brief scene in which a group of older people were learning to "move their feet to the disco beat". While this platinum recording earned him a People's Choice Award, and the BMI Award for record sales in one year, Dees was expressly forbidden from playing the song on the air by station management (rival stations refused to play it for fear of promoting their competition). Dees was fired from WMPS when he mentioned that his song, "Disco Duck", was almost #1, and his own radio station would not let him play it. The station manager said it was a conflict of interest. Dees did not perform the actual duck vocals on the song since he could not "talk like a duck."[citation needed] The duck vocals were recorded at Shoestring Productions in Memphis, Tennessee by Ken Pruitt, who moved away before the song became popular and the vocals for the duck were done by Michael Chesney of Memphis for the concert tour. Chesney had done some comedic voices for Dees prior to Disco Duck. The tour went from Disney World to New York, NY billed as Rick Dees and The Cast of Idiots. After a 45-day non-compete clause in his contract was satisfied, Dees was hired by RKO Radio to do the morning show at WHBQ AM 560 in Memphis.[citation needed]
The success of Dees at their Memphis radio station, combined with his TV appearances and hit music, motivated station owner RKO General to offer Rick the morning radio show in Los Angeles at 93KHJ AM. Dees helped their ratings, but AM music radio was rapidly losing ground to FM. When KHJ switched to country music, Dees left KHJ, taking a morning position at KIIS-FM in July 1981. In a short time, he turned KIIS-FM into the #1 revenue-generating radio station in America, with an asset value approaching half a billion dollars.
He began his Weekly Top 40 countdown program, still currently in syndication, in September 1983; the show was created after Dees' station KIIS dropped American Top 40 in a dispute over the playing of network commercials.[3] The Weekly Top 40 has been heard each weekend in over 200 cities worldwide and the Armed Forces Radio Network. It is distributed domestically by Compass Media Networks and internationally by Dees Entertainment International (through Radio Express). In December 2008, the Weekly Top 40 became the first English-speaking radio show to air in China. The Countdown is available in several different editions including Hit Radio (for contemporary hit radio stations), Hot Adult (hot adult contemporary radio stations), 80s Edition and 90s Edition, all of which are accessible for online streaming on his official website, RICK.COM. From 2017, this stream was restricted to listeners in the United States with a smartphone app installed. Previously it was able to be streamed from anywhere in the world.
After 23 years on radio station KIIS-FM, Dees left in 2004 because of a contract dispute,[4] and he was replaced by Ryan Seacrest. Dees returned to Los Angeles radio in August 2006 on KMVN, Movin 93.9, hosting the morning show along with Patti "Long Legs" Lopez and Mark Wong. On April 15, 2009, Movin 93.9 changed format, dismissing its radio personalities and changing the format to Spanish contemporary music after a leasing of the station to Mexico City business Grupo Radio Centro. Dees was one of the last voices on the station before the flip, redirecting listeners of his show to RICK.COM. In April 20, 2011, Dees returned for the second time, this time at KIIS's sister station KHHT (now KRRL), following the station's formatting shift to a Gold-based Rhythmic AC. His show at KHHT lasted for a year. Dees has continued his Weekly Top 40 show each week and continues to host the syndicated Daily Dees Monday through Friday both online and on radio stations across the United States.
Dees has garnered many accolades, including the prestigious Marconi Award, induction into both the National Radio Hall of Fame, and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall Of Fame. In 1984, he received a Grammy Award nomination for his comedy album Hurt Me Baby – Make Me Write Bad Checks and has since received the Grammy Governor's Award. His other comedy albums – I'm Not Crazy, Rick Dees' Greatest Hit (The White Album), and Put It Where The Moon Don't Shine have also enjoyed worldwide success. He is an inductee in the North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame, the Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame, has received the Billboard Radio Personality Of The Year award for 10 consecutive years, received a People's Choice Award, and has been awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Films and television

In television, Dees hosted his own late-night show on the ABC television network in the early 1990s, Into the Night Starring Rick Dees,[5] which ran for one season and was canceled due to low ratings.[6] He has guest-starred on Roseanne, Married... with Children, Cheers, Diagnosis: Murder and many other hit shows. In addition, Dees hosted the popular syndicated series, Solid Gold, from Paramount Television, and his voice has been enjoyed on numerous animated features, including The Flintstones, where he starred as Rock Dees, and Jetsons: The Movie, where he played Rocket Rick.
In feature films, Rick Dees had a minor role in La Bamba, portraying Ted Quillin, the Los Angeles disc jockey who helped launch Ritchie Valens's career.

Fisher v. Dees

In 1984, Dees (and his record company) made a request of Marvin Fisher, the owner of the copyright in the music of the song "When Sunny Gets Blue", for permission to use the song in a parody of the performance by Johnny Mathis. Fisher refused to grant permission for the use. Dees decided to go ahead and do a parody even without the permission of the copyright holder, using about 29 seconds of the song in a parody album titled Put It Where the Moon Don't Shine.
Fisher sued Dees for copyright infringement. The trial court found that the parody song, titled "When Sonny Sniffs Glue," was clearly intended to "poke fun" at the style of singing for which Johnny Mathis was well known, and thus was not infringing. The decision was upheld on appeal, in Fisher v. Dees 794 F.2d 432 (9th Cir. 1986)[7]

More Music History for October 31, 2017 (with links)

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1952 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Pianist Johnnie Johnson hires 26 year old Chuck Berry as a guitarist in his band. While playing evening gigs in the St. Louis area, Berry will keep his day job as a hairdresser for the next three years.

1960 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
The Elvis Presley LP "G.I. Blues" enters the Billboard Hot 200, where it will rise to number one and stay there for six weeks. It will finally fall of the chart 111 weeks later, making it the longest charting album of Elvis' career.

October 31
Fabian's last charting record, "Kissin' And Twistin'" enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #99. Unfortunately for the 17-year-old Philadelphia native, the record would fall off the chart next week and all of his following seven releases over the next two years were flops. He did, however, continue to make dozens of movies and TV appearances well into the 1990s.

1962 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Elvis Presley's 11th film, Girls! Girls! Girls! premiered in Honolulu, Hawaii, where it was shot. The movie is a musical comedy about a penniless fisherman who loves his life on the sea and dreams of owning his own boat.

1963 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Ed Sullivan sees 50,000 fans cheer The Beatles at London's Heathrow Airport and later books them for three appearances on his TV show early the next year.

1964 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
The Supremes achieve their second Billboard number one single with "Baby Love". Just four months earlier, other artists at Motown Records referred to them as "the no-hit Supremes."

October 31
Sitting at the top of the Cashbox Magazine Best Sellers Chart was New Zealand-born Canadian vocalist Gale Garnett with "We'll Sing In The Sunshine". It will also reach #4 on the Billboard chart and win a 1965 Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording. Garnett continued to record through the rest of the 1960s, but her follow-up, "Lovin' Place" was her only other single to chart in America.

October 31
Ray Charles is arrested by Logan Airport customs officials in Boston and charged with possession of heroin. This is his third drug charge following incidents in 1958 and 1961. Ray avoided prison time after kicking the habit in a clinic in Los Angeles, but spent a year on parole in 1966.

October 31
For the first time since January, The Beatles do not have a song on the Billboard Hot 100. During that time they placed fourteen records on the chart with five different labels.

1968 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Malcolm Hale, guitarist for Spanky And Our Gang, died suddenly of pneumonia at the age of 27. The group placed five songs on the Billboard Top 40 between 1967 and 1968, including "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" (#9), "Lazy Day" (#14) and "Like To Get To Know You" (#17).

1970 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Former Mamas And Papas singer Michelle Phillips marries actor Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider). They would divorce 8 days later.

October 31
James Taylor's album "Fire and Rain" is certified Gold just as the single reaches #3 in the US. The lyrics of the song are highly personal to James, as he sang Suzanne the plans they made put an end to you about Suzanne Schnerr, a childhood friend who committed suicide, and Sweet dreams and Flying Machines in pieces on the ground, referring to his earlier band, Flying Machine, which had split before significant success.

1975 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" was released as a single. It would stay on the chart for seventeen weeks, nine of them at number one and would eventually go Platinum. The song would be re-released in December, 1991 after being featured in the movie Wayne's World and became a hit all over again.

1981 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Timi Yuro's "Hurt" becomes a hit in the Netherlands twenty years after it reached the Top 10 in the United States. Because of Yuro's powerful, resonant vocals, people often thought that Timi was either a man or a black woman. The truth is, at the time she recorded "Hurt" in 1961, this petite, white woman was just 20 years old.

1986 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Roger Waters, who had earlier left Pink Floyd, instigated a court injunction which disallowed remaining members David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright from using the band's name. The ruling was over-turned in early 1987.

1988 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Pop singer Debbie Gibson holds a seance at her Halloween party to contact the spirits of Liberace and Sid Vicious.

1995 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
62-year-old James Brown is arrested in Aiken, South Carolina for assaulting his 47-year-old wife, Adrienne, who said that her husband hit her with a mirror. Adrienne would pass away in January, 1996 and the assault charges against James were dropped.

2002 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Claude Johnson, known as "Juan" of Don And Juan, passed away at the age of 67. The duo reached number 7 in the US in 1962 with "What's Your Name".

2007 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Forbes magazine announced its list of the top earning dead celebrities and once again Elvis Presley led the way. The King earned $49 million in the past year. In second place was John Lennon who jumped from #4 last year, earning $44 million. Other notables included George Harrison in fourth place with $22 million, James Brown was eleventh with $5 million and Bob Marley was twelfth with $4 million.

2015 - ClassicBands.com

October 31
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London, England announced that they had found a collarless mohair jacket once worn by John Lennon and would be putting it up for an online auction. The beige jacket, valued at $165,000 (107,000 Pounds), was originally donated by Beatles' manager Brian Epstein, along with the three other members' jackets, for the first wax works of the band.

Today in Music History...October 31, 2017 (Now with more info & links)

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Music History: October 31th:


2013 Fifth Harmony post a video of the group performing "Wannabe" dressed as the Spice Girls. The video was recorded two days earlier at a show in Patchogue, New York.More

2013 Blues guitarist Bobby Parker dies of a heart attack at age 76.

2011 17-year-old Justin Bieber is hit with a paternity suit from 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, who claims the singer knocked her up in a Staples Center bathroom. The suit is later dropped, but Bieber takes a paternity test anyway to prove he is not the father.

2007 Elvis Presley tops the annual Forbes magazine list of most profitable dead celebrities, his estate having taken in $49 million over the past year. John Lennon makes the #2 spot; George Harrison, James Brown, and Bob Marley also make the list.

2005 The white suit John Lennon wore on the cover of The Beatles' Abbey Road sells at a Las Vegas Amnesty International charity auction for $118,000.

2005 En route to the next stop on their Never Sleep Again tour, the van carrying Bayside skids on a patch of ice and flips over on a highway in Cheyenne, Wyoming, killing 31-year-old drummer John "Beatz" Holohan. Most of the other band members sustain minor injuries, except for bassist Nick Ghanbarian who breaks his back when he's thrown from the vehicle.

2005 Ronald Isley of The Isley Brothers is convicted of tax evasion. The IRS claims that he demanded cash payment for performances from 1997-2002 and hid assets under the name of his ex-wife. He is eventually ordered to pay $3.1 million in back taxes and serve 3 years in jail. He is released in April, 2010.

2002 Claude "Juan" Johnson (of the R&B duo Don and Juan) dies at age 67.

2001 Having fully recovered from the flu that forced her to restructure the North American tour in support of her third Jive album, Britney, Britney Spears' tour kicks off in Washington, D.C.

2000 Napster announces a deal with entertainment giant BMG to make its illegal file-sharing software into a paid subscription service.

2000 Lifehouse release their debut album, No Name Face. The first single, "Hanging By a Moment," takes off, becoming the most-played song on American radio in 2001.

2000 Travis is named the best act in the world at the Q Awards 2000, presented in London. Badly Drawn Boy wins for best new act; Coldplay's Parachutes is named best album. The awards are voted on by readers of Q Magazine and via a telephone system opereated by the event's sponsor.

1999 Bryan White sings the US national anthem at the Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville prior to the match-up between the Tennessee Titans and the St. Louis Rams. Following the game, White gives his second annual Howl-O-Ween concert at the north end of the coliseum.

1998 D'Angelo releases "Devil's Pie," the lead single from his second album, Voodoo.

1998 Kiss launch their Psycho Circus tour with a Halloween show in Los Angeles. The aptly named Smashing Pumpkins are the opening act.

1997 A concert by Goth stalwarts The Cure is cybercast from New York's Irving Plaza. The concert is streamed at Rocktropolis' website.

1997 Jane's Addiction reunites for a Halloween show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

1995 James Brown is charged with assault at his home in Aiken, South Carolina, after allegedly striking his wife Adrienne with a mirror.

1992 Joan Jett stars in an episode of the TV series Highlander, playing one of the immortals. Her version of "Cherry Bomb" is featured.

1991 Joseph Papp, producer of the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical A Chorus Line, dies of cancer at age 70.

1976 Elvis Presley makes his last recording, singing Jim Reeves' "He'll Have To Go" over a pre-recorded backing track in the Jungle Room of his Graceland home.

1975 Southern rockers The Marshall Tucker Band headline a fundraising concert for presidential nominee Jimmy Carter.

1975 Queen releases "Bohemian Rhapsody."

1971 Pink Floyd release their sixth album, Meddle, in the US.

1970 James Taylor's LP Fire and Rain is certified gold.

1970 Linn Berggren (of Ace of Base) is born in Gothenburg, Sweden.

1970 Michelle Phillips, of The Mamas & The Papas, marries actor Dennis Hopper; the marriage is annulled seven days later.

1967 Adam Schlesinger (bassist for Fountains of Wayne) is born in New York City.

1967 Vanilla Ice is born Robert Matthew Van Winkle in Dallas, Texas.

1967 The Stooges make their live debut at a Detroit, Michigan, Halloween party.

1966 Adam Horovitz (aka Ad-Rock of Beastie Boys) is born in Manhattan, New York.

1965 Lead singer Wayne Fontana leaves his group The Mindbenders.

1964 "Baby Love" by The Supremes goes to #1 in America, giving them their second chart-topper (following "Where Did Our Love Go").

1964 Landing in Boston, Ray Charles is arrested when heroin and marijuana are found when he is searched at customs. He enters rehab to avoid jail.

1964 For the first time since January 1964, The Beatles do not have a song currently on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. No less than 14 singles hit the charts in the previous ten months.

1963 Johnny Marr (guitarist, songwriter for The Smiths) is born in Ardwick, Manchester, England.

1961 U2 drummer Larry Mullen is born in Artane, Dublin, Ireland.

1960 Elvis Presley's LP G.I. Blues enters the charts.

1960 The Everly Brothers record "Ebony Eyes."

1960 Elvis Presley records "In My Father's House," "Joshua Fit the Battle," "Swing Down, Sweet Chariot," "I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs," "If We Never Meet Again," "Known Only to Him," "Crying In The Chapel," and "Working On The Building."

1958 The Flamingos record "I Only Have Eyes For You."

1954 #1 Billboard Pop Hit: "This Ole House" by Rosemary Clooney

1952 Bernard Edwards (bassist, songwriter for Chic) is born in Greenville, North Carolina.

1952 When his original guitarist has a stroke just before a New Year's Eve gig, popular St. Louis boogie-woogie pianist Johnnie Johnson hires a 26-year old hairdresser named Chuck Berry for his group The Sir John's Trio.

1945 Rik Kenton (Roxy Music)

1945 Russ Ballard (Unit 4+2 guitarist and Argent frontman) is born in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England.

1940 Eric Griffiths (original guitarist for The Quarrymen, a pre-Beatles rock 'n roll group founded by John Lennon) is born in Denbigh, North Wales.

1937 Doo-wopper Norman Wright (of The Del-Vikings) is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1937 Folk singer-songwriter Tom Paxton is born in Chicago, Illinois.

1934 Rockabilly musician Ray Smith, known for the 1960 hit "Rockin' Little Angel," is born in Melber, Kentucky.

1930 Count Basie records "Somebody Stole My Gal."

1927 Hoagy Carmichael records his most famous composition, "Star Dust."

1912 Western singer-songwriter Dale Evans is born Lucille Wood Smith (changed to Frances Octavia Smith soon after) in Uvalde, Texas. She'll meet screen partner Roy Rogers in 1944 and the pair will marry in 1947.

"Monster Mash" Rules Halloween

1962The "Monster Mash" rules the airwaves, becoming the most popular Halloween song of all time.
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Featured Events

2010 Demi Lovato deletes her Twitter account and enters rehab after suffering a nervous breakdown on the Jonas Brothers tour. Stress from the tour and other commitments, including promoting her movie Camp Rock 2, led to an eating disorder and a dependency on drugs and alcohol - she had also broken up with her tourmate Joe Jonas, who had taken up a new girlfriend, Ashley Greene. Lovato leaves the facility in January 2011.

1993 Tupac Shakur shoots two white off-duty police officers in Atlanta, who are treated and released from the hospital. Accounts of the incident are sketchy, but it appears that at least one of the cops instigated the incident and was possibly inebriated. Charges against Tupac are later dropped.

1992 "End Of The Road" by Boyz II Men is the #1 song on the Hot 100 for the 12th consecutive week, breaking the record held by Elvis Presley's two-sided "Don't be Cruel/Hound Dog," which was #1 for 11 weeks in 1956. The group is displaced three months later by Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"; in 1995, Boyz II Men ties Houston's 14-week record with "I'll Make Love To You."

1991 After meeting up at their ex-manager's funeral, Spinal Tap announce a reunion. "It was destiny and also because none of us were really making a great amount of money," bass player Derek Smalls says.

1964 Unseating The Beatles' 14-week run at the top of the US albums chart with A Hard Day's Night, Barbra Streisand hits #1 with People, which stays at the top for five weeks.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...October 30, 2017 (Morrissey Tour in UK & Ireland)

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Morrissey Announces 2018 Tour Dates

  Morrissey performs on stage at Volkswagen Arena on Dec. 17, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey

Ahead of Morrissey's North American tour next week, he has has announced a 2018 tour in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The tour will begin on February 16, 2018 in Aberdeen, Scotland and conclude in London on March 9. Check out his full dates below.
The former Smiths frontman is releasing his 11th solo record, Low in High School, on Nov. 17. It includes the recent singles “Spent the Day in Bed” and “I Wish You Lonely.” The Smiths recently reissued their beloved 1986 album, The Queen Is Dead. 

Morrissey world tour dates:
10/31 - Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
11/02 - Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
11/04 - San Francisco, CA @ The Masonic
11/05 - Paso Robles, CA @ Vina Robles Amphitheatre
11/10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl
11/11 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl
11/16 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
11/18 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kingsbury Hall
11/20 - Denver, CO @ Paramount Theatre
11/22 - St. Louis, MO @ Peabody Opera House
11/25 - Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
11/28 - Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
11/30 - Washington, DC @ The Anthem
12/02 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
12/04 - Philadelphia, PA @ Fillmore Philadelphia
12/07 - Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
2/16 - Aberdeen, Scotland @ AECC BHGE Arena
2/17 - Glasgow, Scotland @ The SSE Hydro
2/20 - Dublin, Ireland @ 3Arena
2/23 - Newcastle, England @ Metro Radio Arena
2/24 - Leeds, England @ First Direct Arena
2/27 - Birmingham, England @ Genting Arena
3/03 - Brighton, England @ Brighton Centre
3/07 - London, England @ Royal Albert Hall
3/09 - London, England @ Alexandra Palace
This article was originally published by Spin.


Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...October 30, 2017 (Dead Daisies - Animated Video - She Always Gets Her Way)

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The Dead Daisies Want Their Excessive Rock 'N Roll Lifestyle 'All The Same' in New Music Video: Premiere

  The Dead Daisies

The Dead Daisies found inspiration in the excess of their rock 'n roll lifestyles for the video for their new song "She Always Gets Her Way (All The Same)." Today (Oct. 30), the band premieres the debauched video exclusively on Billboard.  
The band is comprised of legendary rock veterans, with a current lineup of founder/guitarist David Lowy, guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Lion, and more), bassist Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy), vocalist/guitarist John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, Angora, The Scream), and drummer Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne). 
The visuals enlist a choppy animation style to depict a coke fueled, drama-filled narrative in which the front man finds trouble with the fact that his significant other enjoys a similar lifestyle to him. 
Vocalist Corabi had plenty to say about the inspiration behind the track, explainin, "In lieu of some of the psychotic and crazy women that I somehow managed to find and get involved with, writing the lyrics for this was quite easy! I've kinda realized that I'm 'that guy' that could walk into a nudist colony in a full-length fur coat and ski mask, and I would be the one that left with mosquito bites! That's my life with women, well in the past anyway... hopefully!"
The lyrics suggest he might enjoy the leading lady's antics a bit more than he led on, singing: "I can't change her/ Or debate her/ And I sometimes love and hate her/ Can't explain her/ No I can't tame that girl/ 'Cause I want her all the same," in the chorus. 
Watch the animated video, below. 

Rock & Roll in the NEWS: Where New Rock Meets Old Rock...October 30, 2017 (The 1st Halloween Song)

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'Monster Mash': Bobby Pickett's Daughter & Darlene Love Reflect on the 'Ridiculous' Song's Success 

  Bobby Pickett

We all know the story. A hapless laboratory technician was working late one night, minding his business with no strange anomalies afoot. By all accounts, it was a normal evening. Then his eyes beheld an eerie sight that would no doubt land him in years of therapy. While it may be hard to believe, a monster -- yes, a monster -- began to rise and suddenly to his shock and surprise, the beastly creature started… dancing.
And so goes the story of the “Monster Mash,” an undying 1962 novelty song from Bobby "Boris" Pickett that has become a Halloween staple. Right alongside Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Pickett’s “Mash” has firmly planted itself as a seasonal classic in the 55 years since it was recorded at Los Angeles’ Goldstar Studios with zero expectations from Pickett or anyone else involved with the production. “We had a hard time doing it because it was totally ridiculous,” says Darlene Love, who sang backup on the track. “When you do a song like that, you never think you’re going to be famous or that it’ll be a hit.”

At the time, Love was a part of The Blossoms, an in-demand session group who sang backup on dozens of hits in the early ‘60s. (With Pickett passing away in 2007 and producer Gary S. Paxton dying in 2016, Love is one of the last surviving people involved with recording the track in May 1962.) “We were backup singers for everybody who ever came along,” says Love. “I don’t care what they sang, everybody wanted the Blossoms.” That included producer Lou Adler, known for his work with everyone from Carole King to Cheech and Chong. “He told us they were getting ready to do a Halloween song. We were like, ‘Oh please. A Halloween song? Who’s gonna do a song about Halloween?’” 
Bobby Pickett, that’s who. A Korean War veteran who was trying to make his name as an actor, Pickett (who co-wrote the song with Leonard L. Capizzi) was astutely in tune with three distinct three national trends at the time, all resulting in the track’s birth and subsequent success. First, there was the wild popularity of monster movies such as Universal classics Dracula and The Wolf Man, all receiving renewed popularity via syndication on television (and both later name-checked in “Monster Mash”). Simultaneously, American pop in the late '50s and early '60s was awash with novelty tracks ranging from Brian Hyland’s “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” to Sheb Wooley’s “The Purple People Eater.” (Both songs went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.) Lastly, music was also flooded with tracks that could be paired with a specific dance, from Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” (which you’d twist to) to Dee Dee Sharp’s “Mashed Potato Time,” a track best paired with a dance aptly named The Mashed Potato. It was the latter hit, which achieved gold status in early 1962, that inspired Pickett -- and the stage/graveyard was set for a smash.  
“We sat down to listen to the song to try to figure out what the background was going to be,” says Love of the recording session, which also included Leon Russell on the piano. “We ended up with, ‘He did the mash, he did the monster mash.’ We thought it was funny at the time.” The band (appropriately dubbed The Crypt-Kickers) recorded first, followed by the Blossoms girls and Pickett, who was no doubt doing an impression of monster movie legend Boris Karloff.
Says Love: “He had to sing his vocals so we could figure out where to come in. It made it more fun, with him singing his line and then us answering him.” Released in August, the track caught on in a flash, hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 dated October 20-27, 1962. “Over the years it became a Halloween song because they had nothing else to play.”
For Pickett, the song gave him a unique breed of popularity. “He always said that he had the best kind of celebrity that there is, since no one really recognized him and he was never really bothered but everyone knew the song,” says Nancy Joy Huus, Pickett’s daughter. Given up for adoption when she was a baby unbeknownst to Pickett, Huus and Pickett later reunited and enjoyed a close relationship preceding his death, with Huus being a fan of the track throughout her life without knowing it was her father who was singing. “When I found him, he was out-of-his-mind thrilled since he thought he was going to grow old alone. I still remember the night I told my kids that Grandpa is the ‘Monster Mash’ singer.”
In the years since its release, the song hit the charts multiple times, most notably in 1973 when it peaked at No. 10 in August. Throughout the years, Pickett frequently toured around the country performing the “Mash,” at one point even employing the then-fledgling Beach Boys and Eddie Van Halen in his backing band. “He was always so grateful and gracious about the song’s success,” says Huus, who says royalty checks are still coming in thanks to its immense airplay and licensing from TV, film and commercial placements, as well as covers by everyone from The Misfits to the aforementioned Beach Boys. “He used to joke that it paid the rent his entire life. He got his first job working as a marshal at a golf course when most of his friends had retired.”
For Huus, who changes her ringtone to the “Monster Mash” every October, the spooky novelty is a proud part of family lore. “I get so thrilled when people want to talk about it because I don’t want it to go away,” says Huus. “Not because of the money, but I just don’t want it to go away because it’s so sweet.” Love, meanwhile, can hardly believe that the silly song she recorded during a "totally ridiculous" session is still regarded as a classic. “Here we are, over 50 years later still listening to the ‘Monster Mash.’”